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Download PDF   Download Word Document     Room Reservation Form (Updated 8/16/14)

Download PDF   Download Word Document     Van Reservation Form (Updated 10/14/14)

Download PDF              Waiver and Release of Liability (Updated 10/14/14)

Download PDF              Reasonable Accommodations (Updated 10/7/16)

Download PDF   Download Word Document     Faculty Self-Evaluation (Original Template) (Updated 02/26/15)

Download PDF              Volunteer Policy (Updated 1/23/12)

Download PDF   Download Word Document     Incident / Accident Report (Updated 3/21/05)

Download PDF   Download Word Document     Publicity and Photo Release Form (Updated 1/5/17)

Download PDF   Download Word Document     Computer Services Work Order (Updated 8/4/00)

Download PDF   Download Word Document     Experiential Learning Request Form (Updated 9/18/14)

Download PDF   Download Word Document     Facilities / Housekeeping Work Order (Updated 11/23/99)

Download PDF              Guest Request Form

Download PDF   Download Word Document     Stipend Memo (Updated 11/21/16)

Download PDF   Download Word Document     Maintenance Room Set Up Form (Updated 9/10/15)

Download PDF   Download PDF     Professional Development Request Form (Updated 08/15/14)

Download PDF   Download Word Document     Room Request Form (Updated 04/14/15)

Download PDF   Download Word Document     Request for Library Tour/Instruction (Updated 8/15/08)

Download Spredsheet              Travel/Expense Voucher (Updated 2/8/17) (Note: Save file before opening it)

Download PDF   Download Word Document     Tuition Benefit (Updated 05/03/13)

                    Online Academic Alert

Download Word Document              Tutoring Referral Form (Updated 08/12/16)

Download PDF   Download Word Document     Administrative Drop Form (Updated 02/26/15)

Download PDF              Administrative Withdrawal Form

Download PDF              Class Registration Form

Download PDF              Degree Completion & Graduate Programs Withdrawal Form

Download PDF              Drop and Withdrawal Procedures

Download PDF   Download Word Document     External Activity Form (Updated 8/22/06)

Download Word Document              Grade Change Form

Download PDF              Incompleted Grade Form

Download PDF              Student Instructions for Course Surveys

Download PDF              Student Online Grading Instructions

Download Word Document              Syllabus Template 2016 - 2017 (Updated 08/12/16)

Download PDF   Download Word Document     Annual Plan for Professional Development (Updated 10/01/14)

Download PDF   Download Word Document     Annual Faculty Self-Evaluation (Updated 11/29/16)

Download PDF              Department Chair Evaluation Form

Download PDF              EMPOWER GEMS Presentation - Schedule

Download PDF              EMPOWER GEMS Presentation - Card Charges

Download PowerPoint Presentation              EMPOWER GEMS Presentation - Course Scheduling

Download PDF   Download Word Document     Tenure Application (Updated 11/23/16)

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Human Resources

CCSJ Directory

All on-campus telephone numbers begin with area code 219 followed by 473-4 plus the three-digit extension. If you live in the 773 area code, dial 721-0202 and ask for the extension listed below. If you live outside of either area code, use our toll-free number (877) 700-9100 and ask for the extension listed below.

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Andrade, Ana

Administrative Assistant, Education
Office: Room 500
Phone: (219) 473-4385

Avalos, Jesus

Marketing Specialist
Office: Room 623
Phone: (219) 473-4292

Bailey, Diane

Director of Student Activities
Office: Room 157
Phone: (219) 473-4222

Ballmann, Br. James, C.PP.S.

Database Administrator; Instructor in Computer Information Systems
Office: Room 410
Phone: (219) 473-4365

Bartko, Diane

Internship Clerk
Office: Room 615
Phone: (219) 473-4352

Basile, Br. Benjamin, C.PP.S.

Associate Professor of Mathematics
Office: Room 303
Phone: (219) 473-4280

Blackwell, Nicole

Administrative Assistant
Department of Institutional Advancement

Office: Room 618
Phone: (219) 473-4318

Brown, Dr. Allen

Criminal Justice Program Director; Professor of Criminal Justice and Paralegal Studies
Office: Room 407
Phone: (219) 473-4267

Buczinsky, Dr. Christopher

Associate Professor and Director of English Program
Office: Room 177
Phone: (219) 473-4250
Faculty webpage

Cassell, Doug

Athletic Trainer
Office: A126
Phone: (219) 473-4208

Cassello, Mark

Assistant Professor of English
Office: Room 180
Phone: (219) 473-4322

Chen, Dr. Qi

Director of Library Services
Specker Library

Office: Room 164A
Phone: (219) 473-4375

Concepcion, Michelle

Financial Aid Counselor
Office: Room 106
Phone: (219) 473-4387

Considine, Dr. Kevin

Assistant Professor; Religious Studies
Office: Room 512
Phone: (219) 473-4353
Faculty webpage

Crist, Dr. Joan

Associate Professor, Religious Studies
Office: Room 513
Phone: (219) 473-4304
Faculty webpage

Davis, Cheryl

Special Assistant to the Vice President of Academic Affairs
Office: Room 610
Phone: (219) 473-4321

DeVader, Mike

Sports Information Director and
Director of Communications

Office: A104
Phone: (219) 473-4326

DeWolf, Ken

Staff Accountant
Office: Room 605
Phone: (219) 473-4245

Diaz, Ester

Director of Institutional Advancement
Office: Room 620
Phone: (219) 473-4388

Ditch, Mackenzie

Co-Head Coach of Competitive Dance
Office: Room A104
Phone: (219) 473-4276

Dixon, Adrienne

Financial Aid Counselor
Office: Room 105
Phone: (219) 473-4314

Duimich, Lynn

Administrative Assistant, Public Safety Management
Office: Room 404
Phone: (219) 473-4203

Ebenger, Dr. Tina

Assistant Professor; Director, Social Sciences Program
Office: Room 510
Phone: (219) 473-4392

Fernandez, Antonio

Network Administrator
Office: Room 412
Phone: (219) 473-4359

Francis, Diana

Office: Room 119
Phone: (219) 473-4212

Frank, Carlye

Coordinator of Academic Support Services
Office: Room 167
Phone: (219) 473-4286

Franz, Donald

Staff Accountant
Office: Room 608
Phone: (219) 473-4354

Gajewski, Linda

Director of Marketing and Public Relations
Office: Room 625
Phone: (219) 473-4217

Garcia, Orlando

Recruitment and Enrollment Specialist
Office: Room 115
Phone: (219) 473-4218

Genova, Michael

Paralegal Professor
Office: Room 403
Phone: (219) 473-4319

Greene, Dr. Dawn

Assistant Professor/Director Field Experience
Office: Room 500 A
Phone: (219) 473-4306

Groninger Poe, Fiona

Assistant Professor
Office: Room 331
Phone: (219) 473-4357

Grzesiowski, George

Assistant Professor of Accounting & Management;
Chair of the Division of Professional Studies;
Director of the Accounting Program

Office: Room 516
Phone: (219) 473-4283

Guzman-Arredondo, Elizabeth

Assistant Professor
Director of the Human Services Program
Office: Room 506
Phone: (219) 473-4260

Helm, Steve

Assistant Athletic Director of Facilities and
Head Women's Basketball Coach

Office: A104
Phone: (219) 473-4214

Helton, Danielle

Academic Support Specialist
Office: Room 186
Phone: (219) 473-4224

Henderson, Darren

Institutional Researcher
Office: Room 617
Phone: (219) 473-4346

Heyward, Shante

Secretary, Office of Academic Advising
Office: Room 100
Phone: (219) 473-4220

Horvatich, Joel

Maintenance Staff
Office: Room 15
Phone: (219) 473-4361

Hughes, Angela

Alumni Affairs
Office: Room 618
Phone: (219) 473-4227

Hutton, Carrie

Assistant Professor of Mathematics
Office: 302
Telephone: (219) 473-4284

Iracheta, Irma

Secretary, Recruitment and Enrollment
Office: Room 116
Phone: (219) 473-4215

Jones-Malone, Dr. Dionne

Vice President for Enrollment and Retention
Office: Room 611
Phone: (219) 473-4305

Jordan, Kurt

Associate Professor, Computer Information Systems
Office: Room 514
Phone: (219) 473-4290

Kessler, Gene

Vice President for Facilities and Technology
Office: Room 64
Phone: (219) 473-4299

King, Gary

Head Men's Golf Coach
Room: A104
Phone: (219) 473-4276

Kolundzija, Milan

Reference & Electronic Resources Librarian
Specker Library
Office: Room 162B
Phone: (219) 473-4376

Kotvasz, Paul

Room: 15
Phone: (219) 473-4361

Kovach, Dr. Joseph

Psychology Program Director; Professor of Psychology
Office: Room 528
Phone: (219) 473-4261

Krieps, Kevin

Director of Computer Services
Office: Room 409
Phone: (219) 473-4330

Kubacki, Michael

Head Men's Bowling Coach
Office: A104
Phone: (219) 644-9801

Kwintera, Tony

Director of Network Services
Office: Room 411
Phone: (219) 473-4246

Lake, Ashley

Assistant Athletic Director of
Compliance and Eligibility

Office: Room A101
Phone: (219) 473-4327

Lakhani, Dr. Ahmed

Assistant Professor
Science Department

Office: Room 333
Phone: (219) 473-4275

Leevey, Rebecca

Coordinator for Student-Athletes Services &
International Student Liaison

Office: Room A104
Phone: (219) 644-7207

Lobo-Torres, Sally

Director of Academic Advising
Office: Room 100A
Phone: (219) 473-4219

Lopez, Dave

Head Softball Coach
Office: A104
Phone (219) 473-4214

Lowery, Dr. Daniel

President of the College
Office: Room 626
Phone: (219) 473-4333

Maluga, Tim

Head Men's and Women's Tennis Coach
Office: Room A104
Phone: (219) 473-4276

Marks, Andy

Director of Admissions
Office: Room 117A
Phone: (219) 473-4295

Martinez, Martin

Assistant Librarian/Archivist
Office: Specker Library
Phone: (219) 473-4373

McCafferty, Michael

Assistant Professor
Criminal Justice and Public Safety Programs

Office: Room 400
Phone: (219) 473-4278

McCartney, Dr. Michelle

Assistant Professor/Department Chair
Criminal Justice and Public Safety Programs

Office: Room 401
Phone: (219) 473-4298

McGee, Tim

Head Women's Golf Coach
Office: A104
Phone: (219) 473-4276

McGuire, Sharon

Human Resources Director
Office: Room 612
Phone: (219) 473-4328

Miskus, Lynn

Vice President of Business and Finance
Office: Room 601
Phone: (219) 473-4310

Moreno, Carlos

Recruitment and Enrollment Specialist
Office: Room 108
Phone: (219) 473-4207

Moseley, Joseph

Advisor to Public Safety Programs
At East/West University

829 S. Wabash, 6th Floor
Chicago, IL
Phone: (312) 216-2167

Nagy, Emily

Administrative Assistant, Registrar's Office
Office: Room 116
Phone: (219) 473-4258

Nikolopoulos, Joanna

Academic Advisor
Office: Room 100D
Phone: (219) 473-4263

Nowakowski, Brian

Head Baseball Coach
Office: Room A104
Phone: (219) 381-8775

Pennanen, Dr. Valerie

Associate Professor of English
Office: Room 522
Phone: (219) 473-4294
Faculty webpage

Perez, Veronica

Academic Advisor
Office: Room 100C
Phone: (219) 473-4256

Pirtle, Gina

Director of Financial Aid and Business Office Operations
Office: Room 103
Phone: (219) 473-4379

Radziszewski, Marek

Head Women's Soccer Coach
Office: Room A104
Phone: (219) 473-4214

Ramirez, Dino

Manager, Graduate and Accelerated Programs
Office: Room 114
Phone: (219) 473-4202

Ramirez, Eudelia

Business Office Clerk
Office: Room 123
Phone: (219) 473-4232

Raven, Adam

Manager of Student Accounts and Collections
Office: Room 104
Phone: (219) 473-4394

Rivera, Ryan

Head Wrestling Coach
Phone: (219) 473-4386

Robinson, Kirk

Associate Professor of English
Office: Room 176
Phone: (219) 473-4308
Faculty webpage

Rodriguez, Alyssa

Assistant Professor
Public Safety Administration

Office: Room 405
Phone: (219) 473-4266

Rodriguez, Dr. Ginger

Vice President of Academic Affairs
Office: Room 609
Phone: (219) 473-4307
Faculty webpage

Rogers, Dr. Sandra

Program Director, Science Program
Office: Room 335
Phone: (219) 473-4268

Rosetti, Desila

Associate Professor of Business
Office: Room 505
Phone: (219) 473-4271

Roth, Brendan

Head Men's Soccer Coach
Office: Room A104
Phone: (219) 473-4214

Scalf, Rev. Kevin

Theology Program Director & Special Assistant to the President for Mission and Ministry
Office: Room 626
Phone: (219) 473-4351

Scheffer, Kelsey

Co-Head Coach of Competitive Dance
Office: A104

Scheive, Dr. Roy

Organization Management Program Director
Associate Professor

Office: Room 511
Phone: (219) 473-4228

Schwieterman, Br. Jerry

Campus Ministry
Office: Room 408
Phone: (219) 473-4239

Sexson, Ryan

Head Men's Basketball Coach
Office: Room A104
Phone: (219) 473-4214

Shields, Dr. John

Education Department Chair
Office: Room 504
Phone: (219) 473-4262

Silas, Noel

Payroll Specialist
Office: Room 604
Phone: (219) 473-4236

Skiba, Walter

Associate Professor of Humanitites
Office: Room 524
Phone: (219) 473-4270

Somers, Paul

Art Program Director, Artist in Residence
Office: Room 525
Phone: (219) 473-4272

Stanley, James

Office: Suite 15
Phone: (219) 473-4361

Szczepanik-Sanchez, Angela

Coordinator of Disability Services
Office: Room 100E
Phone: (219) 473-4349

Thome, Jordan

Recruitment and Enrollment Specialist
Office: Room 117A
Phone: (219) 473-4210

Torres, Rick

Director of athletics
Head Men's and Women's Track and Cross Country Coach

Office: A102
Phone: (219) 473-4323

Tucker, Bobby

Office: Room 15
Phone: (219) 473-4361

Vania, Randy

Head Women's Bowling Coach
Office: Room A104
Phone: (219) 473-4312

Varela, Steve

Assistant Professor and Director of the Business Management Program
Office: Room 523
Phone: (219) 473-4355

Vera, Helen

Recruitment and Enrollment Specialist
Office: Room 117
Phone: (219) 473-4209

Watson, Kelli

Coordinator of Career Services
Office: Room 614
Phone: (219) 473-4253

Wilson, Terri

Financial Aid Specialist
Office: Room 120
Phone: (219) 473-4279

Wisowaty, Bruce

Instructor in Education
Office: Room 500C
Phone: (219) 473-4264

Young, Jennifer

Learning Communities Coordinator
Office: Room 179
Phone: (219) 473-4285

CCSJ Email

Important Documents

  • Policy & Procedures
  • Consumer Information Disclosure

Instructions and Templates

Download Word Document              Policy and Procedure Document (Checklist) (Updated 10/13/15)

Download Word Document              Policy and Procedure Document (Workflow Template) (Updated 10/13/15)

Download Word Document              Policy and Procedure Document (Instruction & Example) (Updated 10/13/15)

Academic Affairs

Download PDF              AA 1.3 Dean's and President's Lists

Download PDF              AA 2.3 Academic Alerts (CCSJ Traditional Students Only)

Download PDF              AA 3.3 Course Cancellations

Download PDF              AA 4.2 Application for Directed Study

Download PDF              AA 5.3 Course Waivers

Download PDF              AA 6.3 Course Substitutions

Download PDF              AA 7.2 Hiring of Student Tutors

Download PDF              AA 8.3 Classroom Assignments

Download PDF              AA 9.2 Learning Communities

Download PDF              AA 10.1 Assessment (General Education)

Download PDF              AA 11.2 Orientation Class P&P Document

Download PDF              AA 12.2 Traditional Student Administrative Drop for Non-Attendance

Download PDF              AA 13.2 Institutional Surveys and Reports

Download PDF              AA 14.2 Traditional Student Withdrawal

Download PDF              AA 15.2 Professional development request

Download PDF              AA 17.2 Career Advising

Download PDF              AA 18.1 Graduate Assistant Fellowship Hiring Process

Download PDF              AA 19.1 Commencement

Download PDF              AA 24.1 Hiring of Faculty Tutors

Download PDF              AA 27.2 Registration – Degree Completion Students and Graduate Program Students

Download PDF              AA 28.2 LEAP – Life Experience Assessment Program Process

Academic Support

Download PDF              AS 1.3 Academic Planner

Download PDF              AS 2.2 PACE Intake

Download PDF              AS 4.1 Core Academic Skills Assessment (CASA)

Download PDF              AS 5.3 Tutoring Center Exam Proctoring

Download PDF              AS 6.2 Co-Curricular Activities Transcript

Download PDF              AS 7.2 Book Orders for Degree Completion and Graduate Programs

                    AS 8.1 Requesting Blackboard Course Site (See V.P. for Academic Affairs)

Download PDF              AS 9.1 Reporting Instructional Equipment Problems

Download PDF              AS 10.2 Classroom Exam Proctoring

Download PDF              AS 11.2 Internship Program

Download PDF              AS 12.1 Coordinated Practica

Download PDF              AS 14.2 Traditional Student Administrative Drop for Nonattendance Policy

Download PDF              AS 16.1 Commencement

Download PDF              AS 17.2 Traditional Student Withdrawal

Budget and Finance

Download PDF              BF 1.1 Annual Budget Procedures

Download PDF              BF 2.1 General Ledger Account Creation and Deletion Procedure

Download PDF              BF 3.1 Grant Accounting Process and Procedures

Download PDF              BF 4.1 Daily Business Office Close and Integration Process

Download PDF              BF 7.2 Payroll Posting

Download PDF              BF 8.1 Accounting Month End Close

Download PDF              BF 9.1 Accounting Fiscal Year End Close

Download PDF              BF 10.1 Annual Financial Audit Procedures

Download PDF              BF 11.1 Purchase of Goods and Services

Download PDF              BF 12.2 Student Account Billing Process

Download PDF              BF 13.1 Employee Travel and Expense Reinbursement

Download PDF              BF 14.1 Credit Card Usage and Reconciliation

Download PDF              BF 15.1 Restricted Fund Transfer

Download PDF              BF 16.2 Student Accounts and Collections

Download PDF              BF 17.1 Employee Computer Loan Program

Download PDF              BF 18.1 1098T Process

Download PDF              BF 19.1 Financial Aid Bookstore Voucher Processing Procedure

Computer Services

Download PDF              CS 1.2 User Account Creation Process

Download PDF              CS 2.2 Computer Use Policy Violation Response

Download PDF              CS 3.2 Computer Services Work Orders

Download PDF              CS 4.2 Interdepartmental Charge Process

Download PDF              CS 5.2 Computer Services Equipment Rotation Process

Download PDF              CS 6.1 Computer Services Equipment Disposal Process

Download PDF              CS 7.1 Computer Services Inventory Process

Download PDF              CS 8.1 Server Backup and Restore Process

Development and Alumni

Download PDF              DA 1.3 Gift Receipt and Acknowledgement

Download PDF              DA 2.3 Special Events

Download PDF              DA 3.1 Contributions to the College through Payroll Deduction

Download PDF              DA 4.1 Annual Trustees’ Scholarship Ball

Download PDF              DA 6.1 Adding Alumni Code (1A) to Grads

Enrollment Management

Download PDF              EM 1.4 Admissions Process for Undergraduates

Download PDF              EM 2.2 Graduate Programs Admissions

Download PDF              EM 3.1 CCSJ Student Registration

Download PDF              EM 4.1 Registration - Degree-Completion and Graduate

Download PDF              EM 5.1 Ancilla Registration (new students only)

Download PDF              EM 6.1 Ancilla Registration (current and returning students)

Download PDF              EM 7.1 Traditional CCSJ Non-Attendance Policy

Download PDF              EM 8.2 CLEP Program

Download PDF              EM 9.2 Admissions Process for undergraduate transfer students

Download PDF              EM 10.2 Admissions Process for GED students

Download PDF              EM 11.1 LEAP Work Flow

Financial Aid

Download PDF              FA 1.2 Financial Aid Packaging

Download PDF              FA 2.2 Add Drop Withdrawal Financial Aid Policy

Download PDF              FA 3.2 Reconciliation Process

Download PDF              FA 4.1 Pell ACG SMART

Download PDF              FA 5.1 Loan Application Process

Download PDF              FA 6.5 Work Study Process

Download PDF              FA 7.1 Consortium Agreements

Download PDF              FA 8.1 Educational Grant Funding G5 Procedure

Download PDF              FA 9.1 Satisfactory Academic Progress Process

Download PDF              FA 10.2 Financial Aid Professional Judgment

Download PDF              FA 11.3 Financial Aid Office Visits

Download PDF              FA 12.1 Verification

Facilities and Security

Download PDF              FS 1.3 Mailroom Procedures

Download PDF              FS 2.3 College Emergency Notification System

Download PDF              FS 3.1 Facilities Work Orders

Download PDF              FS 4.1 Emergency Procedures Plan with Emergency Procedures Handbook

Download PDF              FS 5.1 Clery Act Compliance Policy

Download PDF              FS 7.1 Hazard Communication Program

Download PDF              FS 8.1 Lockout/Tagout (LOTO) Program

Download PDF              FS 9.1 Personal Protective Equipment Program

Download PDF              FS 10.1 Respiratory Protection Policy Program

Download PDF              FS 11.1 Hot Work Safety Program

Download PDF              FS 12.1 Hearing Conservation Program

Download PDF              FS 13.1 Confined Space Entry (CSE) Program

Download PDF              FS 16.2 Asbestos Awareness

Download PDF              FS 27.2 Electrical Safety Program

Human Resources

Download PDF              HR 1.2 The Non-Faculty New Hire Process

Download PDF              HR 2.2 Resignation and Termination Processes

Download PDF              HR 3.1 Job Descriptions

Download PDF              HR 4.1 Work Schedule Policy and Procedure

Download PDF              HR 5.2 Processing Payroll

Download PDF              HR 6.2 Processing Changes in Payroll

Download PDF              HR 7.1 Processing Payroll Garnishments

Download PDF              HR 8.1 Tracking and Logging Vacation and Sick Time

Download PDF              HR 9.1 FMLA Leaves of Absence and Maintaining Medical Files

Download PDF              HR 10.1 Worker's Compensation Claims

Download PDF              HR 11.2 Employment Verifications on Prospective Employees

Download PDF              HR 12.1 Human Resources Documents and Records Retention Schedule

Download PDF              HR 13.1 Completing and Tracking College Assets Assigned to Employees

Download PDF              HR 14.1 Auditing and Reconciling Insurance Payments and Billing

Download PDF              HR 15.1 Performance Management Systems

Download PDF              HR 17.1 Catering and Room Set-Up

Download PDF              HR 18.2 Non-Faculty Compensation Systems

Download PDF              HR 20.1 Title IX

Library Services

Download PDF              LS 1.3 Photo ID CardsLS 2.1 Circulation

Download PDF              LS 2.3 Circulation

Download PDF              LS 3.2 Interlibrary Loan (ILLiad)

Download PDF              LS 4.3 Media Scheduling

Download PDF              LS 5.3 Library Instruction

Download PDF              LS 8.1 Collection Development and Management (CDM)

Marketing and Advertising

Download PDF              MA 1.3 Branding

Download PDF              MA 2.2 Consumer Information and Disclosure Requirements
                    Consumer Information Form

Download PDF              MA 3.1 Website Changes
                    Website Changes Form

Student Life

Download PDF              SL 1.1 Career Advising

Download PDF              SL 5.2 Student Althlete Medical Insurance

Download PDF              SL 6.3 Disability Services Process

Download PDF              SL 7.1 Cash and Equivalents

Download PDF              SL 8.1 Posting of Monthly Department Charges in Bookstore

Download PDF              SL 9.1 Textbook Adoption, Purchase and Buyback

1.1 Academic programs(Traditional, Degree Completion, Graduate) & personnel

1.2 Accreditation and Licensing

1.3 Annual security report

2.2 Available financial aid

3.1 Code of Conduct for Educational Loans

3.2 Code of conduct if preferred lender - CCSJ only uses Direct Loan and does not have a preferred lender list.

3.3 Completion rate, rentention rate and transfer out rate of full-time undergraduates (transfer out rate is non-applicable.)

       Complaint Resolution Process

4.1 Copyright & peer-peer file sharing issues

4.2 Cost of attending institution

4.3 Course schedule information


5.1 Crime log

5.2 Direct loan model disclosure form

5.3 Diversity of student body

5.4 Drug & alcohol abuse prevention program info

Drug, Alcohol and Tobacco-Free Policy

Drug and Alcohol Awareness and Prevention Plan

5.5 Drug-free workplace statement

5.6 Drug-related offenses penalties

6.1 Education loan disclosurses-preferred lender - CCSJ only uses Direct Loan and does not have a preferred lender list.

6.2 Emergency notification

6.3 Emergency response & evacuation procedures

7.1 Entrance counseling-direct loan

7.2 Exit counseling Title IV programs

8.1 FERPA Information | FERPA Consent Form | CCSJ FERPA Information

8.2 Fire log - This requirement does not apply, as we do not have on-campus student housing.

8.3 Fire safety report - This requirement does not apply, as we do not have on-campus student housing.

8.4 Foreign gifts or contracts worth more than $250,000 - We have no foreign gifts or contracts worth more than $250,000.

9.1 Gainfull employment programs - This requirement does not apply as we do not use this information in promotional materials.

9.2 Graduate or professional education of graduates from institution's 4 year degree programs - Survey instruments have been implemented to retrieve this information. Data will be posted as it is compiled.

10.1 Lender assistance in education counseling - CCSJ has not had lender assistance in preparing educational counseling financial literacy, or debt management materials.

10.2 Missing student notification - This requirement does not apply, as we do not have on-campus student housing.

10.3 Missing student notification policies and procedures - This requirement does not apply, as we do not have on-campus student housing.

10.4 Net Price Calculator

11.1 Notice to enrolled students of the availability of consumer information - This will be done via email.

11.2 Official withdrawal procedures

11.3 Outcome of institutional disciplinary proceedings - Available upon written request from involved parties.

11.4 Penalties for Drug Violations

11.5 Personnel responsible for providing consumer info - CCSJ's webmaster will post most up-to-date information on www.ccsj.edu.

12.1 Placement & employment info of degree or certificate program graduates - Survey instruments have been implemented to retrieve this information for our degree graduates.  Data will be posted as it is compiled.  We have no federally approved certificate programs.

12.2 Placement rate info if rate is used to attract students - Our placement rate is not used in any way to attract students.

12.3 Preferred lender arrangement annual report - CCSJ only uses Direct Loan and does not have a preferred lender list.

12.4 Preferred lender list and disclosures - CCSJ only uses Direct Loan and does not have a preferred lender list.

13.1 Privade education loan disclosures if preferred lender arrangement exists - CCSJ only uses Direct Loan and does not have a preferred lender list.

13.2 Private ed loan disclosures (info about a private loan from a lender to a prospective borrower)

13.3 Refund policies

14.1 Registered sex offenders information

14.2 Reimbursements for service on advisory boards - Members of the College's advisory boards receive no reimbursement for their services.

14.3 Report on athletic program participation rates & financial support data

15.1 Report on completion or graduation rate & transfer-out rate of student athletes

15.2 Retention rate reported to IPEDS

16.1 Return of Title IV requirements

16.2 Rights & responsibilities of financial aid recipients

16.3 Services & facilities for students with disabilities

16.4 State grant assistance

16.5 Student Achievement

5-Year Average Retention Rates with Retention Goals (Full-time Traditional)
CAAP Comparisons – CCSJ Juniors vs National
Career Services Data
CCSJ Student-Athlete Academic Recognition
Evaluation of Your Overall Academic Experience
Fall-to-Fall Retention of First-time Freshmen
Fall-to-Spring Retention of First-time Freshmen
Graduation Rates Comparisons
Historical Retention Rates of Full-time Traditional Students
IPEDS Graduation Rate Data
IPEDS Graduation Rates

17.1 Teacher Education Assistance for College & Higher Education grant exit counseling - None of our students receive the TEACH grant.

17.2 TEACH Grant initial counseling - None of our students receive the TEACH grant.

17.3 TEACH Grant subsequent counseling - None of our students receive the TEACH grant.

17.4 Textbook cost savings program - Program being researched for future implementation.

17.5 Textbook pricing information

17.6 Timely warning

17.7 Title IX

17.8 Transfer credit policies

18.1 Vaccination policies - This requirement does not apply as we do not have on-campus housing.

18.2 Verification requirements

18.3 Veterans Shopping List

18.4 (a) Veterans Education Benefit Programs

18.4 (b) Veterans Education Plan - Policy in planning stage.

18.5 Voter Registration
Register to vote - www.RockTheVote.com | www.TurboVote.org
Election Voter Registration Information

19.1 Constitution Day - Various mediums were used to promote Constitution Day including an email to all students and the College family. A video was shown which focused on the Preamble of the Constitution.

20.1 Articulation Agreements - Ancilla College, Ivy Tech Community Colleges, and Prairie State College