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Mission Statement

The Los Amigos Club strongly believes in the intellectual excellence of minorities and their role in the decision-making processes of the future. This organization is committed to trying to develop its members to the fullest potential in order to better serve the community.

We have the following goals...

  • To encourage and motivate Hispanic youth to higher education and/or technical-vocational training.

  • To strengthen the student's self-image and cultural identity so as to build up his or her educational potential.

  • To develop and utilize our skills and assets to contribute to the overall success of this organization and, more importantly, to help society as a whole.

The Los Amigos Club of Calumet College of St. Joseph is open to ALL the students of the college.


"It is possible to become discouraged about the injustice we see everywhere. But God did not promise us that the world would be humane and just. He gives us the gift of life and allows us to choose the way we will use our limited time on earth. It is an awesome opportunity." -Used with permission of the Cesar E. Chavez Foundation

Moises Gonzalez
- President

Marisela Martinez - Vice-President

Brenda Pena - Advisor

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