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Instructional Staff

Sarah Briggs
sbriggs @
Adopted by:
Ball State University

Kaeleigh Lawrence
klawrence @
1st Grade
Adopted by:
College adoption coming soon!

Aimee Dupin
adupin @
2nd Grade
Adopted by:
College adoption coming soon!

Dana Stephens
dstephens @
2nd Grade
Adopted by:
Purdue University Calumet

Christy Campolattara
ccampolattara @
3rd Grade
Adopted by:
American Music and Dramatics Academy

Catherine Shively
cshively @
3rd Grade
Adopted by:
Valpo University

Michelle Avakian
mavakian @
4th Grade
Adopted by:
Ole Miss/University of Wisconsin

Celeste Ux
cux @
4th Grade
Adopted by:
Indiana State University

Laura Charpentier
lcharpentier @
5th Grade
Adopted by:
Purdue University

Katherine Stout
kstout @
5th Grade
Adopted by:
University of Illinois

Vevke Headd
vheadd @
6th Grade
Adopted by:
University of Indianapolis

Stephanie Louthan
slouthan @
7th Grade
Adopted by:
Indiana University Bloomington

LaShanda Johnson
ljohnson @
8th Grade
Adopted by:

Carol Moloney
cmoloney @
8th Grade
Adopted by:
Dominican University

Joe Haines
jhaines @
Middle/High School
Adopted by:
West Virginia

Rachel Stinson
rstinson @
Middle/High School
Adopted by:
College adoption coming soon!

Violet Hower
vhower @
Middle/High School
Adopted by:
College adoption coming soon!

Administrative Staff


Christine Pepa
cpepa @

Tara Stachowiak
tawilliams @
Assistant Director

Constance Smith
smith @
Assistant Director

Roger Schwager
rschwager @
Special Education Director

Marikite Segrest
msegrest @
Business Manager

Maria Gibbs
mgibbs @
Main Office Secretary

Damita Jones
djones @
Administrative Assistant

Ken Orris 
ken @
Technology / Facilities Manager


Dean of Students
Crystal Weems
cweems @

Attendance Officer
Charles Smith
csmith @

School Therapist
Kimberly Boone
kboone @

Title I / Computer Lab
Kim McChesney
kmcchesney @

Title I Aide
Alex Hawkins
ahawkins @

Miscah Borum
mborum @

Angelique Crawford
acrawford @

Anissa Foster
afoster @

Angela Girven
agirven @

Joe Cincoski
jcincoski @

Mia Caldwell
mcaldwell @

Kim Spraggins
kspraggins @

Bonnie Thompson
bthompson @

Debra Williams
dwilliams @

LaTashia Thompson
lthompson @

Penny Rogers
progers @

Rolisha Scott
rkimbrough @

Physical Education
Dessa Plants
dplants @

Environmental Science
Kelly Bennett
kebennett @

Character Education
Jonnica Bianchi
jbianchi @

Special Education Department

Olivia Taskoff
otaskoff @

Monice Lillie
mlillie @

Special Education Aide
Jasmina Basic
jbasic @

Daphne White
dawhite @

Treflon Bray
tbray @

School Nurse
Jamie Srnec
jsrnec @

Anitra Johnson
ajohnson @

Cafeteria Staff
Emma Jones
Carolyn Hatton

Lunch Matrons
Lawanda Barnes
Kimyatti Evans

Chad Armstrong
Laura Evans
Kenneth Holder
Eric Campbell

Officer Simon Lillie
Harmon Hope

School Board Members
Paul Orner, Treasurer
Ron Cohen, Vice President
Darnail Lyles, Secretary            
Cloteal LaBroi, Member
Tom Cera, Member


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