Education Program      



Program Director: John Shields, Ph.D.
Faculty: Michele Dvorak, Ed.D.; Nancy Ellis, M.S.; Chris Gloff, M.A.T.; Dawn Greene, Ph.D.; Eleanor Kasprzycki, M.S.; Barbara O'Block, Ed.D.; Joi Patterson, Ph.D.; David Pittman, M.A.T.; John Potocki, M.A.; Alyssa Rodriguez, Ph.D. Candidate; John Shields, Ph.D.: Angela Szczepanik-Sanchez, M.S.; Angela Wells, M.S.; Bruce Wisowaty, M.A.; Suzette Zientara, Ph.D.

External Evaluators: Kathie Adduci, M.A.; Dariel McGrath, M.A.; Patricia Torreano, M.A.

The Education Program offers a bachelor's degree in elementary education, Master of Arts in Teaching (MAT) and licensure in elementary and secondary education.


Education Program Mission

The Education Department of Calumet College of St. Joseph supports the mission of the College to prepare a diverse population for professional careers and graduate education. Guided by a Catholic vision of social justice, the education program empowers teacher candidates to improve their personal lives and to create a more equitable society through education. Our mission, therefore, is to implement justice oriented educational experiences for teacher candidates and professional educators that reflect current theory and best practice in the profession according to three essential and interrelated pillars; professional preparation, continuous and critical reflection, and ongoing personal and professional transformation.

Vision Statement of the Education Program

The Education Unit is deeply committed to the Calumet College of St. Joseph mission to provide quality education for its diverse population which fulfills an essential goal of the College mission: the formation of academic, spiritual, moral and ethical values in support of social justice and personal responsibility. Through quality education, teacher candidates contribute to the just transformation of values and social structures within society, promoting human dignity, freedom, responsibility, and creativity. Thus, the Education Unit contributes to the building of a socially just society wherein the inherent dignity and rights of the individual person are respected and protected in solidarity with others in community.

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