Outcome Objectives of the Education Program      

Upon completion of this program, it is expected that students will:

  1. Demonstrate competency in core knowledge and skills essential to the various disciplines: English, Mathematics, Theology, Philosophy, Humanities, Physical Life, Social Sciences and the Fine Arts;

  2. Demonstrate knowledge of current state and national standards (e.g., ACEI, IDOE, and NBPTS Standards, etc.), theories, and theorists associated with the framework of educational methodology and pedagogy needed to serve a diverse student population;

  3. Incorporate the most current media and technology in planning, organizing, and assessing student needs;

  4. Demonstrate professional skills and educational leadership to address evolving educational trends;

  5. Demonstrate competency as skilled, reflective teaching professionals, cognizant of their roles in transforming self, students, and the community;

  6. Develop personal responsibility to transform society for the common good based on values and principles that ensure social justice;

  7. Demonstrate integration of the skills of reflection, analysis, evaluation, synthesis, communication, and problem solving in educational situations;

  8. Collaborate with community, its resources and services to provide quality educational experiences and opportunities to meet the future needs of all students;

  9. Develop a deep respect for the values inherent in various religious, educational, and cultural traditions;

  10. Develop a commitment to life-long spiritual and professional growth with an understanding of personal values and ethics.