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Minor in English (18 hours)

Why Consider an English Minor?
The ability to think critically and write well is a skill needed in every professional career. In addition, advances in technology have made it a necessity for businesses and organizations to communicate with their employees and the public in new ways that require writing. Employers need people to create content for their Facebook pages, Twitter feeds, blogs, and other marketing materials. This is in addition to all of the other writing--reports, emails, presentations, newsletters--that employees traditionally do. All of this makes an English Minor a very marketable asset for any college graduate.

An English Minor can help you get a job in any of these fields: business, law, criminal justice, education, psychology, social work, politics, public relations, advertising, journalism, communications, publishing, nursing, media, information technology, and more.

Minor in English (18 hours)

The following courses are required for an English Minor:

    • ENGL 235 Introduction to Creative Writing
    • ENGL 250 Introduction to Literary Studies
    • ENGL 255 Foundations of Western Literature
    • ENGL 265 British Literature or ENGL 275 American Literature
    • ENGL 325 The Literary Essay
    • One English Elective 200 or above

Minor in Drama (18 hours)

The following courses and co-curricular activities are required:

    • ENGL 240 Performance and Stagecraft (6 hours)
    • ENGL 310 Shakespeare (with permission of program director)
    • ENGL 460 The Drama (with permission of program director)
    • Six hours of related work in English or ARTS (with permission of the program director)

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