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Its History and Mission

The Shavings is Calumet College of St. Joseph’s student-run monthly newspaper, the college community’s go-to source of news and opinion on issues that affect CCSJ’s students, faculty, and staff. Written, edited, and designed by CCSJ students, the fortunes of the paper have waxed and waned with the history of the college.

Latest Issue Originally called Stuff, the paper’s name was changed in 1961 to Shavings, in honor of St. Joseph, the worker, the college’s patron saint. The “shavings” of the name refers to the chips or leavings of a carpenter’s plane, an allusion to the tradition and standards of craftsmanship that has guided the paper’s production throughout its history.

The paper lived through in the early, pioneering days of the college, when the school opened its East Chicago Campus in 1960, and followed the college’s move to its present location at 2400 New York Avenue Whiting in January, 1976.

Sometimes weekly, sometimes monthly, the Shavings has seen a long line of student editors who have faithfully covered calamities (like the great snowstorm of January 26, 1967, when approximately forty students were stranded and spent several nights in the student lounge) and controversies (like the one sparked by the publication of an abortion ad in the early 70’s).

The mission of The Shavings is to report the college news in a balanced way, give students practice in the fields of journalism and newspaper design, and to provide a lively forum to help build a strong college community. English Department Homepage


Editor: Rhiannon Bauer
Layout Editor: Megan Crisp
Sports Editor: Bradly Hamm

Adam Webb
Jason Murray
Natalie Goetz
Brendan Ryan
Ryan Sanders
Keith Groyon
Gina Guajardo

Faculty Advisor: Mark Cassello

How to Join and Get Involved

Submissions. The Shavings editor invites any and all CCSJ students, faculty, and staff to submit news articles, feature stories, editorials, and letters to the editor for publication in The Shavings. The editor reserves the right to edit all submissions for length, style, and quality. Please submit your articles to

Joining the Staff. All students are encouraged to join The Shavings staff. If you would like to become a regular staff writer, contact either the editor at or the faculty advisor at The newspaper staff meets twice monthly, once to plan and once to review each monthly issue.

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