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Mission Statement
Writing classes at CCSJ introduce students to the skills necessary to participate in vitally important academic and public issues. A student's ability to write--that is, to conceptualize, articulate, compose, and craft a response or an argument--is key to a successful undergraduate education. Both of the required writing courses are designed to help students become life-long readers and writers who can think critically and solve problems using language. Writing courses at CCSJ emphasize the ability to write clearly and correctly and to read thoughtfully toward a broader understanding of the world.

Requirements for Students
Students at CCSJ are required to pass both courses in a two-semester cycle of first-year-writing courses, English 103 and English 104. Participation in preparatory courses is required for students whose placement tests indicate they would benefit from additional, focused writing and reading practice before taking English 103. The preparatory courses include English 093, which focuses on the needs of nonnative speakers of English, and English 095 and 096, which focus on the needs of native speakers of English. These preparatory courses feature smaller class sizes than English 103 and 104 and focus on fundamentals of academic reading and writing.

English 103 features a consequential portfolio that is evaluated by a committee of CCSJ professors using the CCSJ General Education Rubric for Writing Across the Curriculum. Students must pass this portfolio process to move on to English 104, even if they are otherwise in good standing in English 103. Students who do not pass the portfolio must re-take English 103.

Once students pass English 104, they are finished with the CCSJ writing sequence.


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