Humanities Program Requirements      

B.A. in Humanities (124 hours)
The following courses are required for a baccalaureate degree:

  1. 56 hours: General Education

  2. 42 hours: Core Courses for the Major

MGMT 220 Management Thought, Principles and Practice
MGMT 300 Accounting for Managers or ACCT 210 Principles of Accounting I
and ACCT 211 Principles of Accounting II
CMIS 225 Microcomputer Applications
ECON 210 Principles of Economics I
ECON 211 Principles of Economics II
MATH 160 Business Math
MATH 170 Statistics for Business and Sciences or PSYC 230 Statistics for Behavioral Science

  1. 26 hours: Electives

ECON 480 International Business
MGMT 320 Human Resources in Management
MGMT 360 Business Communications
MGMT 375 Business and Professional Ethics
MGMT 378 Supervision or MGMT 380 Organizational Leadership
MGMT 379 Small Business Management/Entrepreneurship
MGMT 400 Marketing Management
MGMT 440 Financial Management
MGMT 489 Strategic Management and Decision Making
MGMT _____ (upper level course only)

Minor in Humanities (24 credit hours)

These courses must be chosen from upper-level courses from the following disciplines--English, Digital and Studio Arts, Philosophy, History or Religious Studies—and MFA 280—History of Art I and MFA 281—History of Art II.