Digital and Studio Arts      Media and Fine Arts bachelor's degree



Program Director: Walter Skiba, M.A., M.Mus.
Faculty: Martin Martinez, M.A.; Betty Delinck, M.A.; Wesley Berrier, B.A.; Shari LeMonnier, M.F.A.; Robert Shultz, B.A.; Kathy Winsberg, B.F.A.

The Digital and Studio Arts Program offers a B.A. in Digital and Studio Arts with three concentrations (Fine Arts, Media Arts, and interdisciplinary). This is an interdisciplinary program designed to provide students with the tools to effectively and creatively generate, communicate, and artistically express ideas. As part of a liberal arts education, the program in Digital and Studio Arts adds to the understanding of the development of human ideas and directs the student toward individual development and personal expression. Digital and Studio Arts students learn the vocabulary and technical skills required to use the technology of their medium of choice as means of critical and aesthetic investigation. Studio work and internships further balance the potential of students by providing an experience to take with them into their respective field of employment. Emphasis is placed upon the value of building a portfolio of representative work, so that when seeking employment, students have the fundamental tools of proof of their academic preparation.

Full-time and adjunct faculty of Calumet College of St. Joseph represents several points of view and offers a variety of strengths to the program. Faculty members are involved with their own work and personal research and are thoroughly committed to developing and directing creative and ambitious students.

Facilities include spacious and well lit design studios; a central critique space; and a gallery for exhibiting work by students, faculty and noteworthy outside artists.

Digital and Studio Arts Mission

The Digital and Studio Arts Program offers professional training in fine arts and such media arts as journalism (in collaboration with English) and television production. Our teaching major in art is unique among Northwest Indiana colleges. General Education courses in speech communication and performing arts form an integral component of the college's liberal arts foundation.

Vision Statement

The Digital and Studio Arts Program, in collaboration with English, will participate in the creation of a vibrant community for literature and the arts, thus enhancing and strengthening the creative and liberal arts atmosphere at the college. Exhibits and programs will display the results of these efforts to the college and surrounding community.


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