Paralegal/Pre-Law Program      



Program Director: Michael Genova, J.D.
Faculty: Gary Bell, J.D.; Hon. Paul Cherry, J.D.; David Gladish, J.D.: Antonia Koslow, M.S.Ed., Stephen Rodriguez, J.D.; Kris Costa Sakelaris, J.D.; Hon. Joseph S. Van Bokkelen, J.D.

The Paralegal and Pre-law Studies Program offers a B.S. and an A.S. in Paralegal/Pre-Law Studies. A Certificate in Paralegal/Pre-Law Studies is offered to those students who already possess a B.S. or B.A. The program is designed to help the student develop skills, knowledge, and values that will enable them to enter careers in law related areas as a Paralegal/Pre-Law professional.

Paralegal/Pre-Law Mission

The Paralegal and Pre-law Studies Program prepares students for entry level positions as paralegal professionals. Our students see the law as a tool of social change and are prepared to function as professionals or continue their studies in graduate or law school. The program accomplishes objective outcomes through a course of study that emphasizes:

  1. The familiarity of the theoretical and skill foundations necessary for entry-level Paralegal/Pre-Law professionals;

  2. Familiarity with concepts of professional ethics and the ability to apply principles to ethical problems encountered in the profession; and

  3. A broad based program of general education that prepares students for successful completion of graduate studies or law school.

Vision Statement

The Paralegal and Pre-law Studies Program seeks to develop students who will impact their community in a positive way. They understand law as a tool of social justice and empowerment. They will use their education to improve their lives and their community by demonstrating a commitment to social justice and concern for those who look to the legal system for assistance.