Legal Studies Program      



Program Director: Michael Genova, J.D.
Faculty: Gary Bell, J.D.; Hon. Paul Cherry, J.D.; David Gladish, J.D.: Antonia Koslow, M.S.Ed., Stephen Rodriguez, J.D.; Kris Costa Sakelaris, J.D.; Hon. Joseph S. Van Bokkelen, J.D.

The Bachelor of Science Degree in Legal Studies is designed to help the student develop skills, knowledge, and values that will enable them to enter careers in law related areas both civil and criminal.  The program is designed to meet the education needs of students entering all fields in the civil and criminal law area.

Legal Studies Mission

The Legal Studies Program prepares students for entry level positions in both the civil and criminal area of the legal profession.  Our students see the law as a tool of social change and are prepared to function as professionals or continue their studies in graduate or law school.  The program accomplishes objective outcomes through a course of study that emphasizes:

  1. The familiarity of the theoretical and skill foundations necessary for entry-level legal professionals;

  2. Familiarity with concepts of professional ethics and the ability to apply principles to ethical problems encountered in the profession; and

  3. A broad based program of general education that prepares students for successful completion of graduate studies or law school.

Vision Statement

The Legal Studies Program seeks to develop students who will impact their community in a positive way.  Students shall understand law as a tool of social justice and empowerment.  Students will use their education to improve their lives and their community by demonstrating a commitment to social justice and concern for those who look to the legal system for assistance.

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