Psychology Program      Psychology bachelor's degree



Program Director: Joseph Kovach, Psy.D.
Faculty: Charles Bright, Ph.D.; Barbara Butcher, M.A.; Cheryl Cole, M.A.; Margaret Dust, Ph.D.; Patrick Ellis, M.A.; Tony Franco, M.A; A. Yanina Gomez, Ph.D.; Timothy Gobek, M.S.W.; Michael Lalic, M.A.; Martha O’Danovich, Psy.D.

Psychology Mission

The Psychology Program offers a B.S. in Psychology. The mission of the Psychology Program is to develop appropriate skill knowledge and values for students who expect to continue their education at the graduate level or who plan careers in health, education, business, social, or religious work. The goals of the psychology program focus on a wide and diverse range of human experience and behavior related to development, emotion, intellect, learning, personality, normal and abnormal, rehabilitation, and research. This knowledge enables the individual to better understand self and others, to realize unique potentialities more fully, and to enhance one's humaneness as well as significantly affect behavior. Psychology majors can diversify in other academic areas or enroll in a specific concentration area to prepare for advanced study or delineate a stronger preparation for a career at a baccalaureate level.


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