Science Faculty      

Dr. Sandra Chimon Peszek 
Director of the Science Program
Office:   Room 335
Phone:  219-473-4268


Sandra Chimon-Peszek has a Ph.D. in Chemistry from the University of Illinois. She is currently bringing her Alzheimer’s disease research to CCSJ and plans on utilizing various bio-analytical techniques and orthomolecular compounds to find a preventative. She teaches General Chemistry, Organic Chemistry, Forensic Biology, Instrumental Chemistry, Research methods and Nutrition. 

She previously taught as a Bio-Analytical Chemistry at DePaul University where she also was the Director of Undergraduate Studies Dr. Chimon –Peszek has also taught at Prairie State College, Nation-Louis University and Elmhurst College.  Dr. Peszek had also been nominated for the “Excellence in Teaching” at DePaul along with the various other research recognitions.
Her experience also includes encouraging students to present their research findings at various conferences around the world from Brazil to France and also Nationwide. During her last two years at DePaul she had 31 research students who presented over 120 posters and have won various awards for the presentations and have 23 papers in progress and completion for publication. This is something that Dr. Peszek would like to encourage our CCSJ students to part take in.

Dr. Chimon-Peszek was born and raised in Austria and CCSJ welcomes her as a new faculty member.

Sandra Chimon-Peszek CV Card


Ahmed Lakhani, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor


He received his PhD from University of Illinois at Chicago in 2011 specializing in biophysics and has been an adjunct/lecturer at UIC for the past 2 years.

He has also a diverse teaching background, teaching classes from general Biology, Physics, Anatomy and Physiology, Physical Chemistry, and Advanced Physical Inorganic Chemistry while also supervising undergraduate laboratory work. Ahmed states that "In short, my passion for teaching and volunteer work has influenced my mission to teach in a manner that contributes to the entire community, i.e. helping develop strong critical thinking skills that can translate to other disciplines".

CCSJ welcomes him as a new faculty member.