Computer Management Information Systems      

B.S. in Computer Management Information Systems      (124 hours)
The following courses are required for a baccalaureate degree:

  1. 56 hoursGeneral Education

  2. 30 hours:  Requisites for the Major

CMIS125 Program Logic
CMIS210 Visual Basic.Net Programming I
CMIS221 C++ Programming I
CMIS253 Web Page Design
CMIS255 Windows
BSMT 220 Management/Thought/Principles
BSMT 300 Managerial Accounting or
ACCT 210 Principles of Accounting I and ACCT 211 Principles of Accounting II
BSMT ___ E-Commerce is recommended
MATH 160 Business Mathematics
MATH 170 Statistics for Business and Sciences or
MATH 171 Principles of Statistics or PSYC 230 Statistics of Behavioral Sciences

  1. 33 hours:  Upper Level Courses in Major

CMIS230 System Analysis/Design
CMIS240 Data Communication/Networking
CMIS265 Hardware/Software Concepts
CMIS275 Dbase Management
CMIS310 Visual Basic.Net Programming II
CMIS321 C++ Programming II
CMIS340 Computer Security
CMIS350 Distributed Applications I
CMIS351 Distributed Applications II
CMIS450 Enterprise Applications
CMIS499 Senior Seminar

  1. 5 hours:  Electives

Computer Management Information Systems

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