Organization Management      

Missions Statement

In support of the College mission, the Organization Management Program helps students develop knowledge, skills and values related to becoming effective managers, administrators, and leaders.  Our program values the experiences that students bring into the classroom and encourages students to explore academically sound alternative methods of fulfilling their educational goals.  The program’s accelerated approach seeks to reduce or eliminate time and space barriers for returning adult learners, allowing working adults to complete their educational objectives at an accelerated pace and apply knowledge gained form the integration of work and classroom experiences.

Vision Statement

In order to fulfill our mission, the Organization Management Program seeks to place greater emphasis on competencies students develop throughout the program.  We also recognize the need for ongoing assessment of students' learning outcomes regarding the knowledge, skills, and values they develop in our curriculum.  Graduates will bring knowledge, skills, and values into workplaces characterized by rapid changes in technologies, so our program will increasingly introduce current technologies into the Accelerated Program.  Workplaces are also continuing to reflect the increasingly wide diversities in our society.  The Organization Management course of studies aims to heighten students' awareness of and appreciation for others and their differing viewpoints.  Students live in a rapidly changing society in a rapidly changing world.  Therefore, our curriculum will increasingly emphasize change and the ability to adapt to new realities.  The mastery of particular subject matters remains important in any college study, but we also seek to help students learn about the learning process itself, so that they become more effective lifelong learners.