Organization Management      

Outcome Objectives of Organization Management


Upon completion of this program, it is expected that students will:

  1. Demonstrate a knowledge of the historical and philosophical foundations of various leadership models, and the ability to differentiate among the various models

  2. Demonstrate a knowledge of various models of group dynamics, and be able to apply such models in order to critically understand and interpret the work of groups within the context of an organization;

  3. Demonstrate a knowledge of cultural change within an organization, and the role of the supervisor and manager as a change agent;

  4. Be able to articulate a personal philosophy of management and apply that philosophy in actual organizational settings;

  5. Be able to apply research skills, including appropriate statistical methods, to solve problems, make decisions, and engage in life-long learning; and

  6. Demonstrate the capability to critically and reflectively engage ethical issues in Organization Management, particularly questions of social responsibility and professional decision-making.