Organization Management      

Course Requirements

Minimum 52 semester hours of transferable credits from accredited colleges or universities with a 2.0 GPA. or above.  Eight core abilities must be demonstrated before graduation, including English, Math, Speech, Computers, History, Humanities, Social Science and Science.  Completion of 42 credit hours of academic core courses and a combined total of 120 credit hours to graduate.

B.S. in  Organization Management  (120 hours)
The following are required for a baccalaureate degree in:

  1. 52  hours:  Transfer Hours (Minimum)

  2. 45  hours:  Upper Level Courses in Major

    ORMN 405  Dynamics of Organizational Behavior
    ORMN 408  Marketing
    ORMN 415  Economics for Managers
    ORMN 421  Writing and Research Development
    ORMN 425  Integrated Com. in Organizations
    ORMN 431  Business Mathematics
    ORMN 435  Liberal Studies I
    ORMN 440  The Management and Supervision of Human Resources  
    ORMN 443  Supervisory Management
    ORMN 445  Essentials for Accounting and Finance for Managers
    ORMN 447  Information Technology for Management
    ORMN 450 Liberal Studies II
    ORMN 455 Business Ethics, Social Responsibility and Management
    ORMN 460  Strategic Management
    ORMN 463  Integrative Project

  3. 26  hours:  Additional Requirements

Human Resources Concentration (15 hours)
The following five courses are required:

  • ORMN 467 Employment Law in the Workplace

  • ORMN 470 Compensation and Benefits

  • ORMN 473 Labor Relations

  • ORMN 476 Training and Development

  • ORMN 480 Strategic Management of Human Resources