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Public Safety Management Courses (PSM)

PSM 307. Public Safety Environment & Organizations
3 hours
The course will explore various organizations involved in the provision of public safety services, such as police and fire agencies, private security firms, and emergency management providers. Emphasis will be placed on the challenges from terrorism and natural disasters, response strategies and decision making related to public safety, and organizational and security strategies raised in a diverse society.


PSM 311. Terrorism: The Public Safety Response
3 hours
This class will examine the key concepts and implications of terrorism. This includes historical, group and contemporary orientations and threats derived from such. Explanations and theories on the causes and sources of terrorism along with various counter-measures and security methodologies will also be presented and discussed.


PSM 323. Public Safety Management
3 hours
Provided will be a review, analysis, and synthesis of the various approaches to public safety management. Particular emphasis will be placed on operational considerations, administrative staff functions, human resource management, collective bargaining, and proactive management techniques.


PSM 325. Introduction to Research of Public Safety Issues
3 hours
This course assists students to develop the ability to utilize applied research techniques in public safety settings. Emphasis will be placed on problem identification, the collection and analysis of primary data, and the writing of research reports. A research paper on a selected topic will be required.


PSM 333. Leadership & Crisis Management
3 hours
This course examines the theories and practices of strategic and operational planning for crisis and emergency management. Students will learn and practice decision making during crisis events and situations. They will be able to differentiate between decision making in a crisis environment and a normal work environment. Emphasis will be placed on the emergent leadership model versus the designated leadership model. Students will explore ways to coordinate public safety response with private security entities as well as governmental agencies.


PSM 343. Investigative & Crime Scene Management
3 hours
This course explains the importance and legal significance of evidence protection and processing, evidentiary admissibility and overall crime scene management. The course demonstrates how the investigative process works,beginning with crime scene preservation, case preparation and finally courtroom presentation. It also examines various techniques used during criminal investigations, such as photography, interviewing, evidence handling, scene reconstruction and how each applies to specific types of crimes.


PSM 353. Identity & Financial Crime Management
3 hours
The course is intended to introduce students to basic applications of identity and financial investigative techniques, which are designed to detect and resolve criminal activity. Instruction focuses on the financial investigative approach, an approach that identifies and uncovers the movement of money and documentation during the course of investigating finance-based crimes.


PSM 407. Resource Allocation
3 hours
Various theories of resource allocation in Public Safety will be introduced. Students will apply resource allocation models to specific operational areas, in a simulated urban environment. Models for the allocation of personnel and shift scheduling will be incorporated in the course, including how public safety administrators schedule time and budgets, as well as how to improve response times and productivity.


PSM 410. Criminal Procedure & Constitutional Law
3 hours
This course is designed to address the legal issues in public safety management. Emphasis is placed the bill or rights, particularly the 4th amendment (probable cause, arrest, search and seizure, 5th amendment (privilege against self – incrimination, due process of law), 6th amendment (right to counsel), police use of force, executive branch authority, legislative authority and judicial review.


PSM 417. Public Safety Laws & Methods
3 hours
This course will provide an overview of civil laws related to crime, misconduct, and terrorism. This entails tort laws, sexual harassment, workplace violence, terrorism cases and statutes along with related best practice methods and indicators to reduce the incidence and liability exposures related to such.


PSM 425. Ethics in Public Safety
3 hours
The course defines the responsibilities of public safety providers, and the moral and ethical dilemmas faced by these officials. The class will enable the student to think critically and constructively on pressing issues in our contemporary society and to challenge his/her own personal beliefs and the social context from which these beliefs occur.


PSM 435. Contemporary Issues in Public Safety
3 hours
Students are exposed to contemporary issues in public safety lead by guest experts. This lecture forum and simulated exercises will enable the student to apply and critically examine the theories, methods and behaviors discussed during the core curriculum.


PSM 444. Focus Paper
3 hours
Students will prepare and present a project on a topic in Public Safety Management integrating the knowledge, skills and abilities developed in the core curriculum. Emphasis will be placed on the synthesis and application of learning.


PSM 455. Professional Development: Strategy & Policy In Public Safety Management
3 hours
This course is designed to apply knowledge and skills developed in the core curriculum. Utilizing a case study approach, students will apply critical thinking techniques, problem solving and decision making
methods, and leadership strategies in order to respond to problems and issues in public safety settings.

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