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Program Director:  Michael McCafferty, J.D.
Faculty:  Dean Angelo, Ed.D.; Eloise Carnevale, Ed.D.; Anthony Carothers, M.S.; John Chojnacki, M.S.; Thomas Cline, M.B.A.; John Cory, Jr., M.S.; Delores Deloughery, M.S. John Dowd, M.S.; Charles Dulay, M.A.; Michelle Engstrom, Ed.D.; Jeffrey Harkin, J.D.; Ernest Hernandez, M.S.; Robert Johnson, M.A.; Joseph Kovach, Psy.D.; Steven Kovacik, III, M.S.; Michael McCafferty, J.D.; Daniel McGuire, Ed.D.; Thomas McMahon, M.S.; Jill Miller, Psy.D.; James Pastor, Ph.D., J.D.; David J. Plebanski, Ph.D.; Leslie Rittenmeyer, Psy.D.; George Rosebrock, M.S.; Ronald Rufo, Ed.D.;James Rybolt, M.S.; Steven Scheckel, M.S.; Raymond Schweitzer, M.P.A.; Linda Trausch, J.D.; Richard Wedgbury, M.S.


The Public Safety Management (PSM) program has an interdisciplinary focus that prepares students to assume supervisory and leadership positions within the broad arena of public safety. The curriculum emphasizes theory and practice while teaching students to think critically about public safety issues from local through global perspectives. The course work exposes students to the essential elements of public safety:

  • public safety environment and organizations

  • public safety management

  • public safety laws and methods

  • leadership and crisis management

  • investigative and crime scene management

  • identity and financial crime management

  • criminal procedure and constitutional law

  • terrorism as concept and tactic

Overall, the curriculum has a strong theoretical focus, providing students with an understanding of the underlying concepts, theories, principles, and laws that affect societal systems, public policy, constitutional rights, and human behavior. The multi-disciplinary focus of the program encourages synthesis of theoretical constructs, current research, ethical/legal considerations, and leadership roles, with the goal of educating progressive leaders capable of pursuing a wide variety of career tracts and implementing best practices models of public safety management.

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