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Core Courses:

MSM 505: Accounting for Managers
This course covers basic accounting principles and practices with a particular focus on their relevance to a manager's use of this information in day-to-day decision making

MSM 511: Statistical Techniques I
This course focuses on the application of statistical concepts and techniques to help in the decision-making challenges that confront managers. Topics covered include univariate analysis, hypothesis testing, bivariate analysis, and regression analysis.

MSM 525: Human Resource Management
This course examines the application of human resources management theories and practices with a special focus on leadership, facilitation, and team dynamics.

MSM 531: Management Information Systems
The focus of this course is on the analysis of modern management information systems. Students will learn different strategies and techniques designed to support organizational objectives in a variety of work settings.

MSM 543: Communication and Audits in 21st Century Organizations
The workplace application of principles and practices associated with managerial communications, documentation, policies and procedures, auditing principles, corrective action documentation and reporting, and professional ethics is the emphasis of this course.

MSM 545: Operations Management
This course covers the application of principles and practices in manufacturing, healthcare, government, and the service sector, with a special emphasis on advanced product quality planning, control of ongoing operations, the control of incoming products and supplies, reliability, lean manufacturing, purchasing, and inspection processes.

MSM 560: Financial Management
This course will provide students the skill set necessary to prepare and execute planning and budget documents. It will focus on the principles and common approaches of completing these tasks while learning general financial terminology.

MSM 570: Legal and Ethical Issues for Managers
This course examines the legislation regarding equal employment opportunity, affirmative action, gender discrimination and harassment. It will also introduce the concepts of ethics and moral development and discuss the application of these concepts as they relate to business and social responsibility.

MSM 572: Change Management
Students will examine the management of change in organizations in this course. Organizational development will be discussed in tandem with the skills and knowledge of change management.

MSM 574: Organizational Behavior & Performance Management
Students will study aspects of today's corporate culture and its relationship to behavior and organizational performance. Students will focus on the optimal design of organizations to operate in various environments and for different functions.

MSM 576: Strategic Planning
In this course students will examine various models in management planning and decision-making. From this examination, students will gain an understanding of strategy formulation and learn how to implement those strategies.

MSM 520: Project Management
The application of strategies and techniques employed in development and advancing projects in various settings is the focus of this course. Particular emphasis will be placed on analytic and decision-making tools and project management and scheduling.

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