Student Classification


Full-time students carry a minimum of twelve semester hours of graded courses in regular, 15-week term, or a minimum or six credit hours in a 6-week session.


Part-time students carry fewer than 12 semester hours of graded courses in a regular 15-week term or less than six credit hours in a 6-week session.


Class Standing
Undergraduate students are classified as follows:


Credit Hours Completed Classification
0 to 12 credit hours            1st Semester Freshman
13 to 27 credit hours          2nd Semester Freshman
28 to 57 credit hours          Sophomore
58 to 91 credit hours           Junior
92+ credit hours                  Senior

For purposes of probation and dismissal, a student is considered a second semester freshman upon completion (passed or failed) of 12 semester hours.  A student is considered a sophomore upon completion of 24 semester hours.


Honorable Separation
A student in good standing may be granted honorable separation.  This means that the student is eligible to continue, return, or to transfer to another institution of higher learning.


Student Complaints
Written complaints from students can be filed in the Office of Academic Affairs.  A log includes the date the complaint was submitted, the nature of the complaint, steps taken by the College to resolve the complaint, the institution’s final determination regarding the complaint, and other external actions initiated by the student to resolve the matter if known.  Calumet College of St. Joseph is required to share the log with its accrediting body.  Individual identities are shielded in all such reports.


Academic Policies and Procedures
The various provisions documented in this Catalog represent adopted policies and current practices, but are not to be regarded as an irrevocable contract between the College and the student.  The College reserves the right to change provisions or requirements and to determine the time when such changes will take effect.

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