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The goal at the Council for Adult and Experiential Learning (CAEL) is to make it easier for people to get the education and training they need. CAEL helps you learn how to earn college credit for what you already know and find career and education options in growth industries. CAEL works at all levels within the higher education, public, and private sectors to make it easier for adults to get the education they need.



  • COLLEGE CREDIT - CAEL helps adult students earn college credit for learning from life experience, saving them time and money.

  • PRIOR LEARNING ASSESSMENT – The process of earning college credit for college-level learning acquired from other sources, such as work experience, professional training, military training, or open source learning from the web.

  • COMPETENCY-BASED EDUCATION – This allows students to receive college credit based on their actual demonstration of skills learned. It can help many adults to complete their degrees in less time and at an affordable price.

  • ADVISING – CAEL helps adults discover not only what they want to do and will find rewarding, but also what will lead to a career with a future.

  • CAREER PATHS – Helps uncovering career paths, in all their upward and sideways complexity, CAEL helps people see the route they want to follow.

  • CONSULTING – CAEL provides customized consultation services.

CCSJ is proud to mention that our Life Experience Assessment Program (LEAP) coordinator is
Prior Learning Assessment certified.

For more information please visit CAEL’s website at

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