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The goal of CCSJ’s admissions office is to admit any student who shows the potential for achieving academic success at the college level.  To that end, CCSJ employs a liberal admissions policy.   The student is not required to submit an admissions essay, counselor recommendation, nor SAT/ACT scores (though this is encouraged.)  If the student does not submit ACT/SAT scores, the student will normally be required to take the COMPASS assessment and essay before an admissions decision is made.  If the applicant does not have at least a cumulative high school GPA of 2.0/4.0, then the student will be referred to possible admission in the CCSJ PACE Program.

Subject preparation - High school students who intend to enroll at Calumet College of St Joseph should take a college preparatory curriculum. It is recommended but not required that entering freshmen should have at least 15 units of high school work from the areas and courses specified below. One year's work in a subject is counted as one unit. A semester's work is counted as a half unit.

Language Arts: 4 Units

Recommended: Four units of English, one of which may be writing, world literature, speech, or journalism. English for speakers of other languages may not be used to fulfill the language arts requirement but may be counted as an elective.

Mathematics: 3 Units

Recommended: Three units at the level of Algebra I or higher: algebra, plane geometry, trigonometry, analytic geometry, elementary analysis, probability and statistics, solid geometry, calculus with analytic geometry, number theory.

Science: 3 Units
Recommended: Three units of physical science, biology, chemistry, physics, physiology and anatomy, geology, meteorology, marine science, astronomy.

Social Studies: 3 Units

Recommended: Three units of anthropology, area studies, ethnic studies, economics, geography, government (civics), philosophy, social science, psychology, sociology, State history (advanced), United States history, world history, work/study programs.

Foreign Language: 2 Units

Recommended: Two units in a single language.

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