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Transfer Student FAQ's

When should I apply to CCSJ?
CCSJ is on a rolling admissions timeline. It is recommended that you complete the application for admission the semester before enrolling at CCSJ so you can have time to request your college transcripts and any other information that is pertinent to the admissions process.

How much is the application fee?
There is no application fee needed to apply to CCSJ

What is CCSJ’s tuition rate?
Tuition (and fees) for a full-time student is $14,880 for the 2012-2013 academic year. Part-time tuition (less than 12 credit hours per term) is $465 per credit hour.

What are the requirements to transfer to Calumet College?
You must have at least 12 transferable credit hours to be considered a transfer student and must have at least a 2.0 G.P.A. on a 4.0 scale to be considered for regular admission. If your transfer G.P.A. is under 2.0, you will be considered for admission into the PACE PROGRAM.

What is the PACE Program?
PACE is a one-year program that helps students succeed at the college by offering mentoring, tutoring, and advising sessions for students.

What do you mean by “transferable” credits?
In most cases, all transferable credit must be from regionally accredited colleges and universities and must be 100 level or above.

I have less than 12 transferable credit hours. Will I need my high school transcripts?
If you have less than 12 transferable credits from your college or university, you will need to have your high school transcripts sent to CCSJ.

How many credits can I transfer from my college(s) to CCSJ?
If you attended a two-year college, 66 credits is the maximum that will be allowed to transfer to CCSJ. If you attended a four-year college or university, 94 credits is the maximum that will be allowed to transfer to CCSJ.

I attended a career college. Can those credits transfer to CCSJ?
Possibly. A CCSJ Transfer Admissions Counselor will review your college transcript.

Does CCSJ have articulation agreements with other colleges?
CCSJ has transfer agreements with several local two-year colleges.

Is an associate degree required before I can transfer?
No. However, you may be eligible for the CCSJ Associate Degree Grant if you completed an Associates Degree and transfer to CCSJ within 12 months of your graduation.

Does your college offer scholarships to transfer students?
Yes, we have two scholarships available for transfer students, the Transfer Scholarship and the Associate Degree Grant. Visit our Financial Aid links for more information about the scholarships and any other financial aid information.

What student activities are available for me at CCSJ?
CCSJ offers a number of student activities including athletics and student organizations that are available for all students. Visit the Student Life link for more information.



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