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Directed Study

Requests for directed study are selectively granted to senior students for upper level (300+) courses in their major when there is a demonstrated need. To qualify for a directed study course:
-The senior student must have a 2.00 GPA or higher;
-The course must be required for the major;
-The course cannot be a course the student previously enrolled in and is attempting to retake;
-The course must not be projected to be offered prior to the student's anticipated graduation (or must conflict with another required course prior to the student's anticipated graduation); and
- The chairperson of the student's major division must have determined that a substitution is not
advised or appropriate.

Directed study applications are available in the Office of Academic Advising and in the Education
Department. Completed applications should be submitted by the end of the regular registration period prior to start of semester.

NOTICE: STUDENTS and FACULTY are limited to a maximum of two (2) directed study courses
per semester during the academic year.

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