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Employer Internship Planning Outline

Use these questions to help you consider your needs for potential interns.  If you would like to meet with our Internship Coordinator to discuss how interns can benefit your organization or business, please contact us to schedule a visit to your site.

  1. What departments/functional areas and types of tasks/projects could a student undertake?

  2. What are the time periods in which a student would be most helpful
    Autumn Semester                  (Sept-Dec)
    Winter/Spring Semester        (Jan-April)
    Summer Semester                  (May-August)
    All of the Above

  3. What are your hours of operation and how many hour/days per week will a student need to devote to the internship?

  4. Is there particular coursework that a student needs to have to work in your organization?

  5. Are there any special requirements? (i.e. specific orientation or training(s); background checks; drug screening; etc.)

  6. Will you offer a wage or stipend?  If so, in what amount?

  7. Will a student need to travel to other sites? If so, describe

  8. Who will supervise the student’s work and complete the performance evaluation?

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