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Internship Responsibilities


The College has the primary responsibility for helping students arrange internships, helping students integrate course work with experience, and awarding grades for the internship experience.

The faculty member working with the student serves as the link between the school and the internship supervisor and will provide the student and supervisor with a copy of the course requirements and any other forms required by the department.  The faculty member will also be available to address any questions or issues that may arise in the course of the internship.

The College Internship Coordinator confirms the student’s internship and is available to help facilitate any communication between the faculty members, internship supervisor, and student.


Internship supervisors are chosen for their commitment to contributing to the educational experience of students placed in their organization.   Internship supervisors are responsible for selecting meaningful experiences in an area(s) of work that will help the student gain “hands-on” experience and contribute to the development of knowledge, skills, and/or professional  behavior in the work environment.  Supervisors make arrangements to provide supervision and guidance to students throughout the course of their internship. 


Students are expected to assume the role of learner and to perform their assigned tasks in a professional manner.  They are to be in attendance at the organization on the days and times agreed on and, in the event of lateness or absenteeism, they are to notify their supervisor prior to the start of their work day.  They are responsible for preparing a learning agreement with their supervisor and for completing and submitting any forms required by their supervisor or the College.

Students are expected to meet with their supervisor to obtain guidance and feedback on their tasks and performance; devote the required number of hours to the internship; dress appropriately in conjunction with the norms of the organization; and bring to the attention of their supervisor and the College any areas of concern related to the internship experience.

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