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How to Ace an Interview

A resume and cover letter may land you an interview but it’s the interview that determines whether you get hired.  The truth about interviewing is that most impressions about a job applicant is made in about fifteen minutes.  An actual meeting with a hiring manager may take longer than that.  Twenty minutes.  Thirty minutes.  Sometimes even an hour.  But, the “real” interview is usually over in 30 minutes or less since an employer will begin forming impressions about you in the first seconds of meeting you. It can be hard to recover if those first impressions aren’t good.  Remember, you never get a second chance to make a first impression.  You must be prepared.





Practice Makes Perfect

Helpful article on the benefits of Mock Interviewing:

If you are interested in scheduling a Mock Interview please contact our office at (219)473-4341, or (219)473-4253.

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