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  • While many work environments have shifted to business casual as the work standard, business formal attire is still the interview standard

  • Pay attention to your appearance.  Dress for what you want to be, not necessarily for
    who you are

  • Men and Women:
    -Dress conservatively (solid business suit for men or a sports coat and tie; a suit, usually black, blue, navy, or gray; or solid dress/skirt/pants and jacket for women, with a neutral blouse or unadorned, non-sparkly sweater).  An employer should  notice you, not your clothes

    -Clean, polished, well maintained, conservative shoes (low-moderate heel for women)

    -Well-groomed hairstyle.  No fad hairdo’s

    -Minimal cologne or perfume, if any

    -No gum, candy, or cigarette odor on breath

    -No visible body piercing or tattoos

    -Good general personal hygiene

    -Minimum & conservative jewelry (watch, wedding band and/or one plain ring or bracelet; small sized earrings.  Nothing bold or loud that would be distracting)

    -Minimal use of makeup for women (no eye shadow or dramatic make-up)

  • Know the location of the interview.   Make a test drive if you’re unsure

  • Research the company – become familiar with the organization with whom you are interviewing: their mission, history, products, etc.  Visit their web site

  • Know your resume – be prepared to discuss every aspect of it including giving examples of claims you make

  • Prepare several unfolded copies of your resume to take to the interview

  • Prepare your list of references and their contact information.  Be sure you have permission in advance to use them as a reference.  Notify them that you are job hunting and that they might be contacted

  • Avoid excessive anxiety by anticipating questions you might be asked and practicing mock interviews with a friend, career counselor, or in front of a mirror

  • Maintain your composure by planning to arrive at least 5 minutes early for the interview so you are not rushing.  ALWAYS call if you think you might be late and/or if you need to reschedule your appointment.  Be most apologetic.

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