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Computer Services      

E-Mail Policy

Users of Calumet College of St. Joseph’s electronic mail system are assigned a user-id and password. User’s names and user-ids are included in each mail message. Users are responsible for all electronic mail originating from their user-id. The following practices are not allowed:

  • Forgery (or attempted forgery) of electronic mail messages.

  • Attempts to read, delete, copy, or modify the electronic mail of other users.

  • Attempts at sending harassing, obscene and/or other threatening email to other users.

  • Attempts at sending unsolicited junk mail, "for-profit" messages or chain letters.

  • Attempts to harm or thwart the operations or business of the college or college activities.

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E-mail Policy

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Contact Information Computer Services

Computer Labs are located in rooms 418, 419, and 420.

Room: 186
Telephone: (219) 473-4366 (Indiana)
                      (773) 721-0202, Ext. 366 (Illinois)
                      1-877-700-9100 (Toll Free)