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The Networking Services area of the Computer Services Department is charged with the responsibility for managing the infrastructure of all CCSJ wired and non wired data networks. This policy was drafted to ensure that any person who utilizes the CCSJ wireless network is aware of the benefits, risks and assumed responsibilities that are incurred when connected.


The Calumet College of St. Joseph wireless network is designed to be a convenient supplement to the wired network for general functions including web browsing and email services. Wireless access points located around the CCSJ main campus allow suitably configured computers equipped with wireless network cards to make wireless connections to the Internet.

Wireless radio signals are shared by everyone connected to the same wireless access point. As the number of wireless connections increases, the bandwidth available to each connection decreases and performance deteriorates. Distance from the access point, buildings or objects shielding the access point, signal interference, quality of your equipment, battery power and other factors may also impact performance.
Applications that generate high network traffic do not work well on wireless networks and negatively impact performance for everyone connected to the same access point. In addition, wireless networks are highly sensitive to overlapping frequencies and can present a risk to the integrity and security of the CCSJ wireless data network.
To promote efficient and secure wireless network access, the Network Services area maintains strict standards for the deployment of wireless devices at Calumet College of St. Joseph.



  1. All wireless access points not operated or installed by Networking Services, including wireless access points designed for networking homes or small offices are not permitted on CCSJ wireless and wired data networks.

  2. Broadcast frequencies used by the wireless network may be monitored on CCSJ property. Devices that interfere with the wireless network may be subject to restriction or removal.

  3. Only authenticated access to the CCSJ wireless network is permitted. Typically, authentication is by an assigned CCSJ username and password. Logs may be used for assessing network problems or identifying unauthorized or unacceptable use of the wireless network.

  4. All data transmitted across the CCSJ wireless network may be monitored.

  5. Any effort to circumvent any security systems and systems designed to prevent unauthorized access to any CCSJ wireless network may result in the suspension of all data network access and an appearance before the appropriate disciplinary board.

  6. Use of the wireless network is subject to the general restrictions as outlined in the Calumet College of St. Joseph Computer Use Policy.

  7. Connection and use of the CCSJ wireless network may be subjected to machines meeting certain criteria such as the installation of Anti-Virus software, operating system security patches and or Service Packs in addition to machine registration.

Limited Support

  1. The wireless network's maximum data speed is less than 1/10th the speed of the campus wired network. High bandwidth applications like large file transfers, Microsoft Windows system updates, and streaming media applications are not supported.

  2. Performance varies and cannot be guaranteed.

  3. Off-campus connections to the wireless network are not supported.

All support related questions regarding the CCSJ wireless network should be directed to the Computer Services Help Desk to ensure that accurate and reliable information is acquired. The Computer Services Help Desk can be reached at 219-473-4366 or by visiting office 414.

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