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Requesting Accommodations

“Reasonable accommodations” as stated by the ADA must be provided on a case by case basis to individuals with disabilities. The accommodations must be reasonable and effective. Students must meet with a staff member from Student Support Services to complete the Intake Form to request accommodations and/or auxiliary aids. The accommodation requests must be completed at least one month or more prior to enrollment for each academic term.
It is the student’s responsibility to contact the Student Support Services office to request accommodations. When requesting accommodations, students are to provide professional documentation of their disability. Examples of sufficient documentation are:

  • Formal medical statement from a doctor verifying the disability.

  • Copy of your most recent psychological testing explaining the disability.

  • Documentation from the Vocational Rehabilitation Services (VRS) or other agency supplying testing need or verification of disability.

After the student’s intake form and documentation have been submitted, the documents will be reviewed. If determined eligible, Student Support Services will notify the student by mail and then notify the professors of the student’s eligibility. The student will then be required to meet with Student Support Services to complete the faculty accommodations request. If the student has not been contacted by Student Support Services within 2 weeks of submission of all appropriate documents, the student needs to follow up with the Student Support Services office. Students must contact Student Support Services to complete faculty accommodations request each semester.


Verification of Temporary Disabilities
Students seeking accommodations or services on the basis of a temporary disability must provide documentation which includes the following:

  • the nature of the condition

  • the expected duration of the condition

  • description so the accommodation deemed necessary

Such verification must be provided by a professional health care provider who is qualified in the diagnosis of such conditions. The assessment or verification of disability must reflect the student's current level of disability, and shall be no older than 60 days.

The cost of obtaining the professional verification is the responsibility of the student.

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