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Library Gift Policy      

Since its founding, Calumet College of St. Joseph (CCSJ) has benefited from gifts of materials to Specker Memorial Library. The Library welcomes gifts that fall within the scope of its collecting activities and which support the College's academic programs. Of particular interest are scholarly or rare items with research value that are in good physical condition.

Gifts of Money

Funds for Library purposes are always welcome. Information on making contributions to the Library, establishing endowment and naming opportunities may be obtained from the CCSJ Development Office, in consultation with the Director of Specker Memorial Library.

Gifts of Materials

The Library accepts gifts of materials with the understanding that, upon receipt, the Library becomes the owner of the materials. The Library will use the materials to best serve the College, whether by addition to the Library's collections, donation to another institution, sale, trade, or recycling. The Library will not normally accept restricted donations; archival materials are subject to other criteria. 
No Library collects everything, and every gift requires evaluation, sorting, comparing with the current collection, cataloging, and processing in some way. For this reason, we carefully evaluate all potential gifts in order to expend the Library's resources wisely. Large collections that are not suitable for Specker Memorial Library and that will take much work for little return may be regretfully declined. The Library will be glad to work with these donors to find more appropriate locations for their materials.

Appraisals and Tax Information

Donors are required by the IRS to obtain their own evaluations. As an interested party, the Library is not allowed to provide appraisals. The Library will be glad to refer donors to qualified appraisers. Of course, Calumet College of St. Joseph will acknowledge gifts by letter.

Delivering Gifts of Materials

Arrangements for making a donation to the Library or delivering larger collections of 
materials to the Library should be made in advance. 
If you have questions or would like to discuss making a gift to the Library, please
contact Specker Memorial Library at 219-473-4373. 

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