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“BCF Readers’ Forum for August” 8.20.14

Periodically, I use this space to respond to questions I have received via email or during programs. My intent in sharing both questions and answers is to provide insight into the college-going process and stimulate conversation that leads to informed decision-making with regard to educational futures. As always, your comments are very much valued. To [...]

“The Best College? The One That Values You—of Course!” 8.13.14

Over the last two months, I have written about elements of a good college fit—elements that are just as important when you are getting started with your college search as they are when making the final choice of a college. “Fit,” more than rankings, rhetoric or emotional logic that is bound to emerge, is the [...]

“College Rankings: August College Planning Tips” 8.7.14

August is here—and so are college rankings. With a new college admission cycle looming, editors from Money Magazine, U.S. News & World Report, Forbes and The Princeton Review will once again ply us with a parade of ranking guides that presume to reveal the “best values” in education, identify the best “party” schools or, simply, [...]

“Find a College That Feels Like Home” 7.30.14

“I need to get out of here!” It’s a feeling shared by teenagers almost daily that is expressed loudly to anyone within earshot. And “here” is wherever you are at the moment—home, school, community. Just about anywhere else would be better than where you are. Perhaps you recognize the symptoms. It’s seems the older you [...]

Campus Grotto

America's Best Study Spaces

Whether it’s beautiful architecture or an amazing view, just sitting in an inspiring place can instantly give one a greater sense of wisdom and well-being. Wide-open, beautifully-designed study spaces allow students to spread out, focus, and achieve serenity during times of stressful study. These are the places students come to do battle. From writing term papers to studying for finals, these locations provide the perfect environment to tackle any coursework. Here we’ll showcase some of the greatest college study spaces around the country. Harper Reading Room at University of Chicago The vaulted Main Reading Room in the Arley D. Cathy Learning Center of Harper Library is one of t...

Audio Textbooks

Limited Time Offer: Download a free audiobook at now. - Time is a valuable commodity. This is especially true in college when you have to master the art of multitasking. It is important to take advantage of productivity tools that will help you succeed. One way to free up more of your time and increase your productivity is to make use of audio textbooks. Audio books give you many options when it comes to being productive. Textbooks can be listened to on your commute, in the gym, while walking to class, or while relaxing on the quad. With MP3 being the format of choice for audio books, they can be listened to on any of your electronic devices. Here we’ll go over a fe...

10 Banned College Traditions worth Reviving

Traditions are how college memories will be formed. Take them away, student satisfaction goes down and you have thousands of unhappy students paying $50K a year to go to school. Limiting the amount of fun college students are allowed to have is kind of like prohibition; it doesn’t work. To keep their sanity, students need time to blow off steam with something away from the monotony of studying. Traditions provide a sense of community on a campus with thousands of students. Without this feeling of belongingness, students begin to feel lost in the crowd and can end up transferring or even dropping out. These traditions mean a lot to students and alumni and to ban them outright leaves an ...

The 100 Greatest College Traditions

One of the greatest aspects of the college experience is being a part of a great college tradition. Traditions can provide a great sense of community, school spirit and overall well-being at a college with many students. Here we present our ranking of the 100 Greatest College Traditions based on the history, amount of student participation, and overall uniqueness of the tradition. Many of these are long-standing traditions that students and alumni hold dearly. You won’t see any college sports traditions here. We’re saving those for our upcoming ranking of the 100 Greatest College Sports Traditions. Make sure you are signed up to receive our latest articles by email so you know when t...

Continuing Education

5 Reasons You Should Learn to Code If You're a...

Robyn Steinberg of NYCDA gives you five reasons you should learn to code (now!) if you're a woman. Do you know why?

The Right School

Once you've identified what you want to go back to school to learn, how do you find the right school? Clearly, location and cost are big factors. If you live in a metropolitan area, you've got a lot more choices. Sometimes there can be so many schools to choose from that it's difficult to know which one is best for you.

5 Ways to Improve Adult Literacy

Adult literacy is a global problem. One in five adults cannot read. Here are 5 ways you can help improve adult literacy.

Hate Math? Khan Academy Makes Math, and Other...

Khan Academy Can Help You with Math, and Almost Every Other Subject

The College Puzzle

Affordable Online Community College Guide

Affordable Colleges Online, created an expert-driven resource guidebook for students seeking advice and information about affordable programs from Community Colleges that offer flexible online learning classes.  Community colleges are a critical part of our education ecosystem and continue to offer a truly cost effective option for students to earn a 2 year degree or the read more...

Media Confuses Higher Education And Workforce Development

. New America’s Mary Alice McCarthy points to a recent New York Times article to show how easily our education and training policies are confused for one another, as their programs are increasingly delivered by the same institutions. Read more at EdCentral.

Four Years Later: What Happens After College Graduation?

  By Watson Scott Swail, Ed.D. President and CEO, Educational Policy Institute This morning I woke up to a New York Times article  about an unemployed graduate of a for-profit institution. We’ve read many of these types of articles. Although they are mostly anecdotal, the sheer number of these articles, along with our unemployment data, assign read more...

MOOCs Results Better Than Early Reports Suggest

THE REAL VALUE OF ONLINE EDUCATION Out of all the students who enroll in a MOOC, only about 5 percent complete the course and receive a certificate of accomplishment. This statistic is often cited as evidence that MOOCs are fatally flawed and offer little educational value to most students. Yet more than 80 percent of students read more...

Cappex College Insider

6 Tools to Help You Get through Freshman Year

Well, you did it. You’re finally here. 18 years of life, 12ish years of school, all leading up to this: college. Maybe you’re going to school in your hometown or maybe you’ve moved across the country, but regardless of your individual circumstances, this is going to be a big adjustment. We’ve assembled six of our […]

12 Scholarships Expiring in September

Summer is almost over and fall is on its way. You probably have just a little bit of free time left before your classes begin for the upcoming semester. Somewhere in between end-of-summer parties, school shopping, and everything else on your checklist, try to fit in some time to apply for a few of these […]

How to Buy, Sell, and Rent College Textbooks like a Pro

The school year is quickly approaching. Not only does this mean school supply shopping, it also means textbook shopping. There are many different ways that you can go about this seemingly ominous and expensive task. Don’t worry, our tips below will help make it easier and cheaper for you! 1. Buy used from your campus […]

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