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“You’re In! Now What?” 3.26.15

It’s official. Most colleges have released their admission decisions. By the time all of the mail is open, you should have options. Some will include scholarships or special recognition. Others will simply convey the invitation to enroll. In any case, congratulations! Your hard work has paid off and you get to make the final choice [...]

March BCF Readers’ Forum 3.17.15

Reader response to the March 11 “Fools Gold” blog was such that I am devoting the March BCF Readers’ Forum answering many of the good questions that were raised. Dear Peter, You described a first-generation candidate to college who was admitted ED but given $7,000 less in financial aid than she needed. Can she get [...]

“Fool’s Gold” 3.11.15

Earlier this year, a friend asked my opinion about a dilemma that had come upon one of her advisees. A young woman whom she was advising had been accepted Early Decision to her first choice school, a highly selective institution in the Northeast. Upon receiving the acceptance letter, she withdrew the applications she had submitted [...]

“Standardized Testing: March College Planning Tips” 3.2.15

Few college admission requirements generate more angst than standardized testing. When considered along with a student’s academic record, such tests are intended to help admission officers determine whether students can do the work academically in the first year of college. In fact that is their sole purpose. (They should certainly not be confused with intelligence [...]

Campus Grotto

2015 NCAA Tournament Bracket

The 2015 Men's NCAA Tournament Bracket has been released and the #1 seeds have gone to Kentucky, Villanova, Duke, and Wisconsin. You can download and print a 2015 bracket here . This year's championship game will be played in Indianapolis, Indiana on April 6th. If you are filling out a bracket this year like millions of others, you're going to have to pick a few upsets as all four #1 seeds have met in the Final Four just once. (2008) NCAA Tournament Statistics Here are a few NCAA tournament statistics to help you in filling out your bracket. Since the tournament expanded to 64 teams in 1985: A 16 seed has never beaten a 1 seed. A 15 seed has beaten a 2 seed seven...

College Study Strategies: Organize a Study Group

Dr. Richard Light , a Harvard researcher and Professor of Teaching and Learning at Harvard Graduate School of Education, was sent out on a mission to find the single best predictor of college success. After ten years of research and surveying 1,600 Harvard students, he found a key element to university achievement: the ability of a student to either join or create a study group. We encourage you to incorporate this successful study strategy into your routine: Find or create a study group for your classes. {loadposition contentbox} Assuming you already have a solid study plan in place, it’s time to partner up with classmates for greater benefit. Students typically learn...

America's Most Expensive College Dorms

For the 2014-2015 school year, the average cost of room and board is priced at $9,804 for public colleges and $11,188 for private colleges. To no surprise, colleges in California, New York, and the Boston area charge a bit more and top the list of most expensive dorms. The highest-priced dorms can be found in New York, where students get to enjoy the conveniences of living in Manhattan and fabulous skyline views from high-rise dorms. Going to school in New York can be quite an experience for a first-year college student, but one that comes with a hefty price tag. Looking at tuition and fees alone, NYU ranks 57th in highest cost. However, when room and board is factored into college cos...

America's 100 Most Expensive Colleges

No two things are more stressful to a prospective college student than the question of getting accepted and determining if they can actually afford attending the school of their dreams. The cost of college is no joke, and is something we have tried to put a spotlight on since we started ranking expensive colleges back in 2007, as it is a troublesome debt many students will carry for years to come. The list of the 100 most expensive colleges by total cost (tuition + room & board + required fees) are all private and range from $56,000 all the way up to $65,000 per year. This is a significant jump in price from the average private university cost of $42,419 and (obviously) the average c...

Continuing Education

Play This Game to Inspire Creativity

Page two of Be Creative, a game based on Al Beck's Imaginative Symbol-Association, or I S-A (eye-say).

5 Tips from a Teacher of Adult Students

Do you teach adults? Teacher Andrea Leppert of Rasmussen College has five tips for you, and they're good ones.

Gift Ideas for Adult Students - Graduation,...

Do you have an adult student on your gift list? We have lots of ideas for you, from expensive to stocking stuffers, including last-minute homemade ideas.

A GED Does Not Make You a Loser - 25 Celebritie...

If you think earning a GED makes you a loser, take a look at our list of celebrity dropouts who earned a GED. You, too, can be successful with a GED.

The College Puzzle

New Book On Changes In Management And Governance Of Higher Education

Governance Reconsidered: How Boards, Presidents, Administrators, and Faculty Can Help Their Colleges Thrive Excerpt of Review  by Andrew Saultz & Tiffany J. Williams — March 23, 2015 in Teachers College record online Title: Governance Reconsidered: How Boards, Presidents, Administrators, and Faculty Can Help Their Colleges Thrive Author(s): Susan R. Pierce & Stephen Trachtenberg Publisher: Jossey-Bass Publishers, San Francisco ISBN: 1118738497, Pages: 256, Year: 2014 Susan Resneck Pierce’s read more...

More Community Colleges Become Minority-Serving Institutions

Postsecondary Role as minority-serving institutions expands for community colleges Although they often operate at the margins, nearly 22 percent of the nation’s community colleges are minority-serving institutions and are responsible for enrolling about 55 percent of college-going minorities, according to a new report. (Diverse Issues in Higher Education, March 1)

Students Report Applications Stressful And Support the Old SAT

Based upon Princeton Review survey-see survey basis at end · Applications are stressssssss-ful. 73% of respondents gauged their stress levels as “High” or “Very high” – a 17% increase over the 56% who reported such stress levels in the survey’s initial year, 2003.  Students reported higher stress levels than parents.  · Toughest factor? Tests. Asked read more...

5 Things Every Student Should Know before Taking up Web Design

By Melissa Burns The Internet opens up a lot of possibilities for students themselves while at college. If you have skills and a creative mindset, you may try yourself at web design, and some students manage to pull it off. However, there are a few things you should learn before your make this decision. 1.     read more...

Cappex College Insider

FREE Online Event – Understanding Your Award Letter

Cappex is hosting the FREE online event, Understanding Your Award Letter, on Wednesday, April 1, 2015 at 5pm Central Time! Join our in-house college and career expert as she breaks down the ins and outs of college award letters. EVENT DETAILS When: Wednesday, April 1, 2015 at 5 PM Central Time Where: Online Cost: Free! […]

Getting Help with College Search: Identifying Your College Dream Team

Navigating the college and financial aid process can be overwhelming. That’s why it is important to identify your College Dream Team. What is a College Dream Team? These are the people and resources who are there to help make your college dream a reality. You trust them, they have your best interests in mind, and, […]

8 Unique Fundraising Ideas for High School Students

With Prom around the corner, and outdoor sports starting up again, spring is a big season for fundraising at high schools. Bake sales are great, but get old. Whether you are Student Council President, or just want to help out, you can get creative with fundraising and have a blast doing it! Of course, you […]

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