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Service-Learning Graduation Requirements


RLST 110: Social Justice: 3 credit hours
This course focuses on reading and discussion of social justice issues. There is also an emphasis on college-level skills. This course includes ten hours of community service learning which is approved by an instructor. and must be taken in the student’s first semester at CCSJ.

GENL 299: General Education Capstone: 3 credit hours
The General Education Capstone at Calumet College of St. Joseph is designed to focus on: integrative learning experience focusing on the foundational knowledge and skill sets associated with the College’s General Education Program; an in-depth service-learning experience; and data gathering for academic counseling, self-reflection, and planning purposes.

GENL 290: Honors Seminar: 0 credit hours
Honors Seminar is a 0-credit hour course with a pass/fail grade required for all students enrolled in the St. Gaspar's Honors Learning Community. Taught by faculty from across the university as well as scholars from the region, these seminars, which meet for two hours each month, supplement existing curriculum in a co-curricular fashion, deepening students comprehension of the breadth and depth of human intellectual and creative expression in the liberal arts while utilizing LEAP high impact practices and drawing from themes in art, art history, history, literature, music, philosophy, science and technology, and social and cultural studies. Each student is required to do 10 hours of service related to their educational and professional goals which is approved by an instructor. Students are required to submit a reflection in which they link their General Education, their future plans, and their service project.

Other Opportunities for Service-Learning:

EDUC 313: Child Development 3 credit hours
This course examines major theories and research findings concerning human development from birth through the elementary years and the implications of these for the professional educator. The course concentrates on the most current brain research as it relates to physical development, intelligence, perception, language, socio-emotional development, gender role development, moral development, and developmental issues. The most current English Learner theory, technology and emerging theories are explored. Field experience required. Organizations include Nazareth Home, Speed Early Learning Center, and Kinzie Elementary School in Chicago.
EDUC 430: The Exceptional Child: 3 credit hours
The characteristics, capabilities, and expectations of students with special needs, students who are at-risk for learning problems, English Learners (EL) and gifted students encompass the diverse approach to evaluating strategies for quality learning. Students research the teacher’s role in assisting students who face attention, behavioral, learning, physical and social challenges, and other relevant and practical issues unique to educating exceptional students. Students engage in descriptive research on parenting the exceptional child as well. Field experience required at Misericordia.

Co-Curricular Community Service Opportunities:

EDUC 487: Integrated Arts: 3 credit hours

Education students have the option of taking this course in the fall, or going to New Orleans to work on houses harmed from Hurricane Katrina. I still have to elaborate on this but for now this is fine waiting for people to get back to me

SSC 316:  Social Problems: 3 credit hours

Social Science students have the option of taking this fall course, or going to New Orleans to work on houses harmed from Hurricane Katrina.

BSMT 350, ENGL 350, and IMC 350: Business Communications: 3credit hours
Students who take Terry Ferrari’s Business Communications course have the opportunity to work with Junior Achievement’s “JA in a Day.” “JA in a Day” is a special Junior Achievement delivery method that facilitates the partnership between a business and an elementary school. Like all JA programs, business volunteers help educate and inspire youth about the connection between education and success in the workplace, and give them hope for the future.
This opportunity is not limited to enrollment in the Business Communications Course. If you are interested in this opportunity you may inquire with Terry Ferrari.

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