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The Twenty-first Century Success Program is a newly developed program funded by the Lumina Foundation for Education.  The Lumina Grant had created a new position in the Student Success Center, the Tutoring Specialist.  This position has expanded the services of the Student Success Center to provide support for students on a daily basis.  The Tutoring Specialist supervises tutors and mentors to help students with academic developments.  Tutors are trained to aid students in subject matter and effective learning skills while mentors assist with general guidance.  The program offers many resources to help our Twenty-first Century students grow into a thriving career.  These resources range from cohort groups, staff mentoring, academic surveys, academic workshops to tutorial software. Our mission is to help students reach their academic goals.


To assist each scholar with meeting his or her academic and personal goals.

To serve as a mentor, academic advisor and advocate for scholars. To serve as liaison between 21st Century Scholars and other academic support units To monitor the academic progress of scholars and intervene when appropriate. To insure that services by the college are responsive to the needs of the 21st Century Scholars and the Scholars avail themselves of these services. To assist with hosting campus visits for middle and high school 21st Century Scholars.

In 1990, the Indiana General Assembly created the 21st Century Scholars program to raise the educational aspirations of low -and moderate-income families. The program encourages students to attend institutions of higher learning by reducing the financial burden on eligible students and their families. The most important aspect of the 21st Century Scholars program is the Scholar. Scholars sign a pledge of good citizenship and responsible behavior in the 8th grade. The 21st Century Scholars pledge requires commitment and academic work from each Scholar. Students who become Scholars promise to graduate from an Indiana high school, maintain a grade point average of at least a 2.0, agree not to use drugs, alcohol or commit a crime, and apply for admission to an Indiana college, university or technical school as a high school senior. In exchange for keeping their pledge, Scholars are guaranteed up to eight semesters of tuition costs at participating public/private college, university or technical school in Indiana.

A toll-free hotline is available at 1-800-992-2076 to answer questions related to the 21st Century Scholars program.


Services Provided

The CCSJ Twenty-First Century Success Program focuses on supporting and encouraging students to increase their confidence to reach academic and personal goals.  One initiative in place to meet the students’ objectives and aspirations is through peer mentoring.  Peer mentors help students adjust to and succeed in college by providing them with guidance, support and a greater understanding of/linkage to the resources and opportunities available to them.  All 21st Century students will be contacted by their mentor throughout the fall and spring semesters.  Mentoring is a vital part of the “Success Program” that enables students to achieve to their fullest potential.

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