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The Learning Communities at CCSJ are designed to make the transition into college a little easier—and a lot more fun— for our freshmen, the youngest members of our college family. It is important that you feel comfortable and welcome here, and the Learning Communities want to make your first year a great experience.

Traditional freshmen who place into EWPC 103 become part of a cohort of about twenty students. Those students take English Composition (EWPC 103), Social Justice (RLST 110), and Introduction to Western Culture (HUM 110) together. The instructors of those linked courses coordinate their course plans and assignments, so you will get extra time to work through tough readings and concepts. In Social Justice, you get lots of experiential learning opportunities, getting out into the community and hopefully establishing relationships in the cities where you may one day live and work.

And best of all, LC students get to bond with each other and with other amazing people during our Learning Community Socials! Every few weeks, we will get together to have fun and talk about some of the things that have happened in our Learning Communities. And, as a special treat, we will take you to the Art Institute of Chicago to get an up-close and personal look at some of the things you will have studied in HUM 110! In fact, as part of the Art Institute University Partner Program, CCSJ is able to provide year-round free admission to the Art Institute to all full-time undergraduate students!

The Learning Communities are close-knit and very collaborative. We share resources across cohorts and utilize every campus and community resource available to us. Campus Mentors are available to any student who requests one. We will also match you with a Mentor as soon as you start to struggle in any of your Learning Community classes. The first year of college is rarely easy, so we are here to make sure you do the best you can. We offer workshops through the Learning Communities as soon as the semester starts, refreshing your student skills like taking notes and studying. We’ll even check in on you at Midterm and during Finals. We are here to offer you the resources you need to be successful in college.

For more information on the Learning Communities at CCSJ, please contact

Young, Jennifer
Learning Communities Coordinator
Office: Room 179
Phone: (219) 473-4285


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