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The PACE (Personal Academic College Excellence) program is a one year, support program designed to improve the retention and graduation rates of students who needed additional assistance to succeed in college. The resources provided are workshops, testing, tutoring, study skills seminars, mentoring, and career advisement. The PACE program is here to ensure the student those opportunities are made available to assist in attaining personal and academic success.


Students are required to register for the GENL 095 Learning Strategy I class, taken during their first semester. Please note: students who do not successfully complete GENL 095 will be required to repeat the class the second semester. In addition, Academic Support Programs staff will have monthly one on one meetings with students to monitor student progress during their first and second semesters in the program. All of those requirements are vital to help students reach academic potential and success.
Throughout the year the Academic Support Programs center will continue assessing the student’s academic proficiency. Other activities provided through the program are:

  • Basic Skills Enrichment

  • Academic Seminars

  • Study Skills Development

  • Individual Prescriptive Education Plans

  • Mentoring

  • Individual & Group Tutoring

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