The Office of Academic Advising is here to assist you in selecting and registering for your courses, as well as to discuss the program requirements for your major. We also assist you in finding the various resources on-campus to help you excel in college (such as tutoring with Academic Support Services or internship assistance with Career Services).

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  • If you are within your last year of graduating, you must complete a graduation application along with your final selection of courses in order to begin your graduation process. This process is not automatic.
  • Graduation occurs three times a year (December, May, and August), but the Commencement exercise is only once a year in May.
  • If you have attended other colleges or universities, make sure you have sent for official copies of your transcripts.
  • If you cannot locate a copy of your academic plan, contact the Office of Academic Advising for a copy so that you can appropriately plan your schedule.
  • When selecting your classes, make sure you have taken the prerequisites first.
  • Keep your CCSJ catalog; it contains many answers to your questions.
Subject Exam
CCSJ Equivalent
Required Schore
Credits Granted
Biology BIO 111 3,4 or 5 4 sem. hours
Chemistry CHEM 110 3,4 or 5 4 sem. hours
Physics PHY 221 3,4 or 5 4 sem. hours
Calculus (AB) MATH 220 4 or 5 3 sem. hours
English Composition ENGL 103 4 or 5 3 sem. hours
American History HIST 230, 240 4 or 5 6 sem. hours
American Government PLS 220 4 or 5 3 sem. hours
Art History MFA 280 4 or 5 3 sem. hours
MFA 280, 281 5 6 sem. hours
Macro Economics ECO 210 4 or 5 3 sem. hours
Macro Economics ECO 211 4 or 5 3 sem. hours
Psychology PSY 100 4 or 5 3 sem. hours
Spanish SPN 103, 104 3,4 or 5 6 sem. hours

Preparing for graduation is a very exciting time for students and one of the most important steps in preparing for graduation is completing your application for graduation. Please keep in mind that the graduation process is not automatic and before you can be listed as a degree candidate, you must complete your application for graduation (which includes the graduation checklist). This should be completed by the deadline stipulated in the Schedule of Classes which is always at the beginning of the last semester of your current program.

Below are the directions for completing your graduation checklist and applying for graduation:

  1. Log into your MyCCSJ account

  2. Under Student Records go to Graduation Checklist

  3. You will then see steps including Review Personal Information, Review Student Record Information, Review Student Billing Account, and Apply for Degree
    • You must review all steps before you can proceed with applying for your degree. You will also be required to submit payment of your graduation fee, therefore, if you are unsure if you are ready to complete your graduation application or if you have taken a break in your program and would like to find out what you should do to stay on track for graduation, please contact the Office of Academic Advising.

  4. Once your application for graduation has been completed, you will receive a confirmation email to your CCSJ email account within 7 days informing you that you have been added to the graduation list as a degree candidate. Your application for graduation status will also show as Accepted. Please remember that being a degree candidate indicates that you have approached the final phase of your degree requirements. You must still pass all required courses in order to remain on that graduation candidate list. If you are not eligible to be listed as a degree candidate, you will receive an email with those details as well.

Additionally, a graduation packet with details about the May commencement ceremony and other graduation events will be provided in January.


Deadlines for Graduation

Preparing for graduation is a very exciting time for students and one of the most important steps in preparing for graduation is completing your application for graduation. Please keep in mind that the graduation process is not automatic and before you can be listed as a degree candidate, you must complete your graduation checklist and application.

Deadlines will be listed here once they are confirmed.

Current and Returning Students

Current and returning students may register by completing a registration form or by registering online using MyCCSJ. Students must have all tuition and fees paid in full. A student's registration form will not be processed unless the student has a zero balance with the Business Office.

  1. Login to your MyCCSJ Account

  2. Click on "Records"

  3. Click on "Course Registration"

  4. Enter your advisor pin number (contact an Academic Advisor at (219) 473-4220 or advising@ccsj.edu to receive your pin number)

  5. Select a term (e.g., Fall 2015 is 2015-1 or Spring 2016 is 2015-2)

  6. Click on "add courses"

  7. Select "search" to find desired course(s)

  8. Click on desired course(s)

  9. Click on "register" button. To drop a course, click on "drop" next to registered course
Sally Lobo-Torres
Sally Lobo-Torres

Director of Academic Advising
Room 100A
(219) 473-4219

Joanna Nikolopoulos
Joanna Nikolopoulos

Academic Advisor
Room 100D
(219) 473-4263

Veronica Perez
Veronica Perez

Academic Advisor
Room 100C
(219) 473-4256

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Frequently Asked Questions

It is a course you need to take before you take another course. For example, you need to take CRJ 100 (Introduction to Criminal Justice) before you take CRJ 370 (Juvenile Delinquency.) The college catalog lists course descriptions and prerequisites. When selecting your classes, make sure that you have taken the prerequisite first.
No-especially in your major. Most (but not all) general education courses are offered every semester. You should make a plan to schedule your major classes.
It is your “roadmap” for each course. The requirements, attendance policies, assignments, and test dates are usually on it.
You should attend every class to get the most for your money and education! Class attendance may be a requirement by your instructor. If you are ill, please call or e-mail your teacher in advance.
There is a bulletin board in the front lobby with room assignments on it. There will also be copies of room numbers on a table in the lobby and someone to answer any questions you may have.
Calumet College of St. Joseph has its roots in the liberal arts. By taking courses in a variety of subjects, you will become a well-rounded person.
Some students refer to the catalog as the college Bible. The catalog lists all of the course requirements, descriptions, policies and procedures. This book is your contract with the college. Keep your CCSJ catalog. It has the answers to your questions.
The first step is to make sure that you have sent for an official copy of your transcripts. Ask the Registrar’s office for details. After the Registrar evaluates your transcripts we can help you determine how those credit hours fulfill CCSJ requirements.
When you withdraw from a course a “W” is placed on your transcript next to the course. When you drop a course it is removed from your transcript completely. You can only drop a course during the first week of class or if you have never attended the class.
21st Century Scholars receive eight full-time semesters of funding. Please consult with your Academic Advisor for further details.

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