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Traditional Internships

In order to find a placement during the semester needed, you must begin your internship search process well in advance. Students are responsible for beginning the internship process at least one full semester—or 14 weeks in advance. Internship placements are competitive. Waiting until the last minute may result in a delay in your placement or choice of placement sites.
Schedule a time to meet with the Career Services Coordinator in Room 100. The Coordinator will help you understand the placement process and provide you with resources that will help you find the internship opportunity that is right for you.
If you don’t know where you’d like to intern, ask yourself these questions:

  • Why did you choose this major?
  • What are your career goals?
  • What previous jobs or volunteer experiences have you liked?
  • What are your hobbies and interests?
  • What skills do you have to offer an employer?
  • What skills would you like most to develop or improve?
Think about what interests you most about your classes. Your likes and dislikes can help you understand what type of job would be a good fit for you. If you need help, talk to the Career Services Coordinator about the FOCUS self-assessment that is available online.
There are many resources available to research potential internship sites. Talk to your professors, the Career Services Coordinator, and people you know who work in your field of interest. There are local opportunities as well as national and international internships.
You can search for internships on CCSJ’s College Central Network, a database of job and internship opportunities for our students. If you aren’t registered, contact Career Services for help.
This is a perfect chance for you to create a professional-looking cover letter and resume, while having it proofread by Career Services staff.
If you need help creating a resume and writing a cover letter, go to the CCSJ Career Services website and the follow the link for the College Central Network - Resume builder.
Now that you have all the information you need to apply for your selected internship, make sure you follow through. Each internship will have a slightly different application process. It is your responsibility to apply correctly. Make sure you have a good understanding of the necessary steps that need to be completed and take each of those steps one at a time.
Once you’ve submitted your application, the next step will be the interview. Plan to meet with the Coordinator of Career Services for help preparing for the interview experience. If everything goes well and you are selected, you will receive an offer from the employer to complete the internship with them.
Now that you have all the information you need to apply for your selected internship, make sure you follow through by stopping by the Advising Office in Room 100. The advisor will obtain permission from the Vice President of Academic Affairs for approval of the specific internship or CEDU (the term used if the program does not offer an internship as a class). The student will be advised to meet with the Program director.
Once you receive an offer from an Employer to complete an internship with their organization, you need Program Chair approval one semester in advance to plan the internship in order to get academic credit for it.
Make sure to get a Description of Duties (Job Description) from the employer and attach that document to the internship approval form for your program director’s approval. Forward it to your program director at which point it can be approved, and a faculty advisor can be assigned to your internship. That advisor will work with you during the course of your internship to make sure you are having the best experience possible.
After you receive approval from your program director, you now can register with Academic Advising. If your internship is a requirement of your major, you will be registering for Course 495 within your major.
If your internship is not a program requirement, you still can receive course credit. Register for CEDU 430 (Juniors and Seniors) or 230 (Freshmen and Sophomores), known as the Coordinated Practicum. The CCSJ faculty member assigned as Professor for the Coordinated Practicum will notify you of the internship-related coursework.
Once you’ve set up your schedule, you’re ready! Remember to arrive on time, take your duties seriously, and be an energetic team player. If you have any questions throughout the internship, contact your faculty advisor or the Program Director right away. Good luck!

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